All true entrepreneurs are a unique breed. Instead of  fantasising about starting something new, entrepreneurs embark on this complicated path full throttle. Typically entrepreneurs start off by donning a series of different hats. CEO, Finance, Sales, Marketing, and VP of pretty much everything else. As a business grows, it’s gratifying to bring on board like minded people who can work toward making your vision a reality.

Bringing on a Virtual PA is an investment that is sometimes overlooked, because entrepreneurs are oftentimes focused on growth. However, since using my own Virtual Assistant may be just what a new company needs to grow.

More and more entrepreneurs are seeking Virtual PA’s to tackle administrative work that weighs a company down and diverts attention from the company’s strategic focus. Virtual PA’s are the new trend, especially amongst entrepreneurs, who strive to gain efficiency while avoiding benefits and overhead.

However, few people speak about how a Virtual PA can also take on tasks that help contribute to growth. an increased cash flow. Here are a few ways that your Virtual Assistant can contribute directly to the growth of your balance sheet.

1. Research ways to lower costs like office supplies, mobile home contracts and insurance.

2. Research the best airmail schemes so you can consolidate all travel and expenses, and take advantage of perks and freebies.

3. Mine your LinkedIn contacts for new business opportunities. Entrepreneur Magazine cites LinkedIn as  a rich tool for generating business.  

4. Manage your social media. This is a big job and requires a lot of research. When to tweet, the importance of original content in a blog, refreshing tweets, determining whether tweet tools work for your company… Hubspot has dispelled the myth that social media is a fad. Social media is deemed a necessity for a new business to grow.

It is widely known that Virtual Assistants help entrepreneurs retain their strategy and execution in a new business by tackling admin like scheduling, bookkeeping, database budding and receptionist duties. However, Virtual Assistants are also valuable for directly helping a business to grow.  

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