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For small teams with but workloads, the best way to streamline projects and get results is to work with an Outsourcery PA. Our virtual PAs are trained to take care of all the little details that help teams thrive

How it works

  • Meet your new PA

    Outsourcery Pas are a cut above. Well educated, talented, and graduates of our Seven Point Training program, your dedicated assistant is equipped with the skills to handle all administrative needs and to keep your team focused on its goals.

  • Integrate your Outsourcery PA

    With your help, you’ll incorporate your new PA into the team’s communication channels as well as processes and tools. If you don’t have systems in place for great team communication and collaboration your PA will set it up for you.

  • Benefit from Outsourcery’s support

    Outsourcery’s Account Manager will be on hand to provide you with support and options for your team as its needs evolve.

  • Lower Rates

    The more people you add to the team and the more hours you use, the cheaper the service becomes.

Why it works

Sometimes teams just have a lot on their plate. Here are some of the reasons why so many teams are choosing to go virtual:

  • No hassle and no overhead

    Hiring a good employee is not a walk in the park. Its an investment in time and energy that sometimes end in disappointment. Our Pas are put through the wringer. Outsourcery covers the cost of recruiting, hiring and training. We deliver great administrative team members without the overhead.

  • Maximised efficiency

    Your team members can focus their time on what they do best, maximizing time, while your Outsourcery PA tackles all necessary admin.

  • Streamlined efficiency

    Your team’s coordination, productivity and sense of achievement soars with the support of your Outsourcery assistant.

  • Increased happiness

    We hire people who love admin. Taking the admin off your teams’ plates will not only increase efficiency, but also lead to happy team members.


Team challenges

The benefit of an Outsourcery PA

Overall impact


Team members spend valuable time and energy organizing and scheduling meetings.

Your Outsourcery team PA owns all scheduling and calendar coordination.

Team can focus on their goals and are fuelled with more energy and valuable time.


Efficiency can be difficult in meetings without clear agendas and weekly tracking.

Your Outsourcery team PA prepares for meetings by organizing notes, distributing agendas and scribing.

Get the most out of every meeting in terms of efficiency and effectiveness.


Travel planning is tie consuming and often frustrating and last minute.

Your Outsourcery team PA manages all team travel bookings and the organization of itineraries.

Travel is stress free. Moreover, advanced planning by your team PA results in travel cost savings.


Busy team members struggle to submit expenses in a timely fashion, and they can pile up.

Your Outsourcery team PA manages expense reporting and the process is timely and organized.

Finances are current and organised. Team members receive reimbursement quickly and efficiently.

Team focus The most talented teams find themselves spending time on things that hinder maximum progress. Your Outsourcery team PA relieves teams of the administrative burdens that weigh them down and distract them from their ultimate focus.

Team members focus on their strengths and feelings of purpose and teamwork are maximised.

“If everyone is moving forward together, then success takes care of itself.” – Henry Ford

“Entrepreneurs wear so many hats. Outsourcery helped us realise which tasks can be delegated to an Outsourcery PA. It is a tremendous relief to have someone on hand to take are of so much administration. Our team is now able to focus on the strategic initiatives that really drive business forward.” – Neil Finney, Corkscrew

Teams Plans & Pricing

Level One
50/hours a month
Up to 5 Team Members
£555/a month
A Dedicated Outsourcery PA Available from 9am-5pm
Email, Phone, SMS Support
Branded Email Included
Our Level One plan is ideal for the growing team looking to add support to their business, without taking on the overhead of another employee.
Level Two
100/hours a month
Up to 7 Team Members£1000/a month
A Dedicated Outsourcery PA Available from 9am-5pm
Email, Phone, SMS Support
Branded Email Included
Our Level Two plan is perfect for the midsize team ready to integrate an administrative assistant into their ever-expanding day-to-day operations.

Level Three
160/hours a month
Up to 10 Team Members£1300/a month
A Dedicated Outsourcery PA Available from 9am-5pm
Email, Phone, SMS Support
Branded Email Included
Our Level Three plan is for power teams in need for unparalleled support, sharing an assistant to coordinate their team’s needs and stay efficient.

For more information call Henry Walton on 0800 086 8998 or email at

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