Thinking about getting a virtual PA?

Wondering what the fuss is all about? This guide lays it all on the table. Learn what a virtual PA is and how they can shave hours from your work week. Getting started can be daunting, but this guide should help you understand why more people are taking the virtual plunge, and reaping big rewards in business and in their personal lives.

What is a virtual PA?

Live virtual assistants are equipped to do anything an in-house assistant can do, except bring your coffee. Communicate with your virtual PA by whichever communication tool strikes your fancy, including email, text, phone and Skype.

Outsourcery assistants are a cut above. Educated, talented, and graduates of our exclusive Seven Point Training Program. Our clients are assigned one dedicated and fully qualified assistant. This translates into your own peace of mind, since you can rest assured that your Outsourcery PA has efficiency, productivity, and confidentiality down to an art form.

The secret weapon of successful people

Individuals and teams are streamlining their success in work and in life with a dedicated virtual PA. Focus on what drives your business and what you love, and let your dedicated PA take care of the rest.

Hand over your timing sinking tasks, like scheduling meetings, tracing packages, looking into weekend getaways, and dealing with the phone company. Delegate a task and your PA is on it.

Embarking on your virtual relationship

So you’re ready to go virtual? Smart move.
Save yourself time, money, and undue headaches.
But where do you begin?

  • Have a chat with your personal assistant
  • Pop task list and deadlines
  • Share your calendar and contacts

“I cannot recommend Outsourcery enough. My PA has helped me to prioritize my workload. Without so much administration, I feel that my mind is clearer and more open to the creative processes upon which our business is based” – Nefeli Sidiropoulou, Co-Founder Cutline Corrective

Fostering a mutually beneficial relationship

Virtual PAs find basic administration a breeze. Most clients are so impressed with how a PA impacts their calendar that they decide to hand over more and more responsibility. Many clients even take on several PAs who each focus on different realms of their business.

As your PA’s responsibility expands, you will probably have to spend more time on training and developing your PA’s knowledge base so they can provide you with the optimum return on your investment. Moreover, if your PA is committed and interested in your business, and you develop a solid relationship with them, you will have a greater opportunity to make progress towards your goals.

Use the right tools

The right tools can make all the difference. Here at Outsourcery, we are passionate about new technology. Outsourcery’s PAs are trained in the latest productivity and collaboration tools available, and supported by a centralised technical support centre. 

Here are a few of our top tools, recommended based on their simplicity and cost. Note that this is the tip of the iceberg. Looking for something different? We have just the virtual PA to help you choose exactly what suits you best.

  • Google Spreadsheets
  • Dropbox
  • Jing
  • Sunrise
  • Trello

Focus on driving your business

Often we don’t consider delegating until we’re desperate. Neglecting responsibilities, feeling lost and disorganised, and approaching exhaustion are often the impetus for change. Don’t ignore your work-life balance. Friends, family, exercise and hobbies are all necessary components to our personal well being, and your business’s success requires that you are operating in top form.

“Outsourcery is one of the biggest assets I possess. In the space of one month my productivity has increased significantly. I work across multiple time zones and travel extensively placing significant demands on my time. My PA, Chelsey, has transformed the way I work with colleagues, suppliers, and investors. She keeps the wheels turning smoothly and efficiently and makes sure everything happens on time and in the right manner.” – Saradhi Rajan, Managing Director, Legacy Hill Resources

Work with the best
of the best,
for less

Many businesses struggle to find high-quality support at affordable rates,
slowing their growth.

Since 2015, we’ve empowered thousands of businesses to scale efficiently and
optimise their operations with seamless access to a pool of quality remote
talent through a flexible subscription model.

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