When it comes to business, mindfulness isn’t a traditional a strategy for success, but research shows that it can dramatically increase happiness, maximising the performance of employees and therefore, the long-term development of the company. Unsurprisingly, companies are starting to introduce mindfulness into offices worldwide, including Google, Nike and General Mills. Google has even implemented an emotional wellbeing programme to encourage staff to take notice of what’s going on inside their heads.

Put simply, mindfulness or meditation is the practise being more present and aware of things going on around us, leading to a more calm and focused state of mind that helps us to make better decisions and avoid stress. The benefits to business leaders, especially, are huge as the bombardment of constant emails, notifications, tweets, and documents, encourages us to function on autopilot. We act without thinking and regret our choices later on and allow weeks or even months to pass by unnoticed. It’s a frightening state to be in and whilst, meditation only requires a very little portion of our day, the stress of actually finding that time can sometimes feel counterproductive to the practise.

This is where an assistant steps in. Aside from answering emails, filing, note taking and all the usual office admin, a PA can also be the answer to a clearer mind by handling your to-do list and allowing you guilt-free time away from your computer screen.How often do you get a chance to step back from the business to actually take a look at the bigger picture? With the opportunity for a wider perspective you can ensure everything is headed in the right direction, check that you’re achieving everything you want to achieve and call into question what could be done better.

Instead of eating lunch in between answering emails, you might find the time to take a stroll in the sunshine, surf, go for a run, visit an art gallery or to simply just sit and think. All things that are vitally important for individual health, happiness and performance, but also your company’s continued progression.

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