How to Generate Leads using your Virtual Assistant

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Trying to generate leads or reaching out to potential clients is extremely time consuming and requires meticulous organisation. It’s not enough to just spend an afternoon shooting off a bunch of random emails, you really need to do your research, know when you contacted them last, whether they responded, whether you need to set up a meeting, when you need to follow up, who the best person is to contact. It’s a lot of work, but work you can easily delegate to your highly experienced Outsourcery personal assistant.

Generate Leads using your Virtual Assistant

Here’s how to get started:

Researching Leads

If you’ve just started working with your Outsourcery PA you might prefer to do the client correspondence yourself and delegate the laborious, but vital task of researching.

Provide your assistant with a profile of your ideal prospective client and they can use social media, LinkedIn and search engines to find a list of potential clients for you to approach.

They can prepare a succinct summary on each with their direct contact details and include any notes that it might be useful for you to be aware of.

Contacting Leads

All assistants at Outsourcery have excellent professional communication skills and can take charge of contacting leads on your behalf. Make sure you supply your PA with any special instructions and ask them to keep you updated daily on the progress made.

Once a dialogue has been started and interest generated, you can step in to take the conversation further.

Marketing your brand

Your virtual assistant can help to boost your existing Inbound Marketing content through blog posts, tweets, facebook pages and ebooks, and by implementing techniques to drive more traffic to your platforms. The more varied and engaging material you have available, the more likely you are to attract and retain prospects. For example, it’s not simply a case of tweeting your site, but actually communicating with twitter users and building a solid fan base.

When it comes to blogs, frequent posting is key and a schedule can be organised by your assistant so that fresh content is regularly pushed live and cross-linked to all of your social media channels. Social media today reported that companies who blog have an overwhelming 97% more leads, but there’s no point in blogging bad quality or infrequent material as audiences will lose interest and your brand’s reputation could be damaged for the long term; it’s a business in itself. Thankfully, your Outsourcery assistant can expertly manage the process for you saving you time and stress.

If you think you’d prefer to bring in dedicated specialists to improve your graphic design or website, your Outsourcery assistant can help with that too by referring you to one of our talented partner companies or a freelancer who we regularly work with. If it’s a social media strategy you’re after, our sister company Deeply Social offer all Outsourcery clients a free trail. Ask your PA to set up a call to introduce you to the team. As Deeply Social sit just behind your assistant in our Cape Town offices, your PA can handily function as the designated Project Manager, taking away another of your responsibilities.


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