Being the boss is hard. Aside from the huge responsibility of establishing and running a successful business, you’re also in charge of a team of people who inevitably blame you for unhappiness or dissatisfaction in the workplace. People are attracted to inspiring leaders and will always work harder for someone they admire. But how can you possibly think about the concerns and ambitions of your employees when you barely have time for everything else? The simple solution: hire a virtual assistant to manage office morale, help implement workplace initiatives and transform you into a leader that people really want to follow.

The primary job of your dedicated Outsourcery PA is to help you achieve your full potential by being more efficient, organised and informed. This might involve diary management, meeting preparation, travel arrangements and bookings, but it could also include day to day correspondence with your team and the organisation of team bonding activities.

Employees want to feel that they’re a valued member of the organisation rather than just another cog in the wheel. They want  to be able to voice their opinions and know that someone is actually taking note and doing their best to create the optimal working environment. Ask your assistant to  check in with your team at regular intervals to ensure that they feel their needs are being met. Whilst the email might not be coming directly from you, your employees will appreciate that you are assigning your assistant’s valuable time to take care of their concerns. It’s often easier and less intimidating for an employee to speak truthfully and freely to an assistant rather than to the boss directly, especially if they trust and respect the PA. Make sure your assistant is introduced to your office as a valuable employee, your representative and an important resource for the whole company.

Your PA can collect feedback from your employees and meet any basic demands such as stationery orders, extra kitchen supplies, new desk chairs, by buying and ordering the items online. This will save your employees’ time and also make them feel appreciated. For more serious or pressing issues, your assistant can consult your advice to see how best to proceed. If the matter needs discussion in person your assistant will be able to ensure time is set aside in your diary as soon as possible and that you’re fully briefed on the concern so that when you sit down with your employee you can immediately present them with suggested solutions. Or it might be that one of your employees has ideas for the company’s strategy, new partnerships or developments. Instead of sending another email to your over-spilling inbox, ask your employee to speak to your assistant who can relay their ideas or set up an appropriate time for a call or meeting with you to discuss further.

Employees like to feel part of a community that extends beyond the office walls and to get to know their colleagues as people rather than just job titles. Your Outsourcery assistant can arrange team lunches, drinks or activities by researching possible locations and ideas and coordinating everyone’s diaries to find a mutually agreeable date. They spare you the added stress of organisation and take care of questions from employees regarding timings, what to wear, what to bring, how to get there etc.

It’s also important to ensure that your team feel that you’re working together towards goal. You want your team to feel proud of their work and achievements so that they develop a genuine enthusiasm for and loyalty to the company, especially if it’s a start up. You could ask your assistant to send weekly or monthly email updates round your team so that they can see how their efforts have helped the company’s progression. This will help them to also appreciate the work of their colleagues and develop a sense of respect and admiration amongst your team. A happy, united workforce means increased productivity, a desirable workplace and a better reputation for you and your business.

And while your virtual assistant is busy turning you into a super boss, you can focus on the development of your business without distraction.

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