One of best ways to optimise productivity is to outsource the time-consuming tasks that are preventing your property firm from actually doing business. Think about it like this: while you’re wasting time updating prospective client spreadsheets and sending emails, your competitor is selling houses. Here are 6 ways your firm can get ahead with a virtual assistant:

Social media marketing

The majority of real estate advertising is done online, but designing ads and posting engaging content across a multitude of platforms takes a huge amount of planning and expertise. Your assistant can help to write relevant and meaningful content to attract new clients, using an effective strategy to make sure you’re really making the most of all your social media channels and monitoring any conversations or queries. It means you’ll stay ahead of the competition and gain a reputation for first class customer service.

Updating property listings

As new information and photos are submitted, your PA can update existing listings, ensuring that clients are informed of any changes. This could just be your in-house database, or any ads you have on other platforms too. If you need to find a photographer to take new images of the property, your assistant can help with that too, finding you the best rates for professional photographs in the area.

Responding to email queries

Delegating the management of your inbox to your virtual assistant is one of the simplest ways to save you time. You can supply your PA with template responses to queries, ask them to respond to basic questions, and file messages so that when you need to refer back, it doesn’t take you hours to find what you’re looking for.

Following up with prospective renters and buyers

Your virtual PA can take responsibility for calling and emailing clients who have shown interest in a particular property or whose profile fits a new listing. They can keep track of conversations on a spreadsheet, supply further information where required and set-up viewings or meetings on your behalf.

Preparing property brochures

Outsourcery PAs have a wide network of professionals who they can recommend to help you design the perfect property brochures for your firm, or if it’s something simple, they might even be able to do it themselves. They can research examples by competitors, source imagery and manage the production process so that materials are printed to the highest quality and delivered on time to exactly where you need them.

Research neighbourhoods

It’s important your firm has the most up-to-date knowledge on the neighbourhoods where you have properties. For example, are there any schools, hospitals, shops, fitness facilities, development plans for the future? Your assistant can research the neighbourhood in depth online and even put together a list of recommendations of the best restaurants and cafes in the area so that your clients really feel that you’re delivering a personalised and thoughtful service.

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