Staying productive while working remotely is becoming increasingly important. The interconnected nature of the digital world has seen an increase in various organisations allowing their employees the flexibility to work remotely. With many young millennials ambitiously launching their business ideas into the world, majority of them also prefer the ease of working remotely, on the move or from home.

The question that runs through the heads of many employers when considering remote working practices, is how do I or my employees remain productive away from a traditional work setting?

Below are 6 ways to stay productive while working remotely.


A ‘must – do’ list is everything

Without the visual cues associated with walking in and out of an office, by the end of the day it can feel as if you haven’t completed the work you set out ‘to do’.

A short list of what you need to get done is essential for staying productive. This list should also include activities that make you feel more productive.

Once you tick off various tasks on this list you reinforce your own sense of productivity and accomplishment.



Prioritise realism over idealism

Whether you are an employee working from home or a startup business owner, the reality is that you’re not Superhuman.

The best ‘must-do’ list is then the one that allows you to be your best and stay productive, while still being realistic about what you can accomplish. Find your balance between what needs to be completed for work and what needs to be completed for you.

Prioritising realistic tasks allows you the opportunity to complete each one effectively, where setting idealistic tasks sets you up for potential failure and thus decrease your productivity.


When you hit a wall, feed the soul

Sometimes even frequent breaks don’t refresh your mind as they should. This is where including activities that make you feel productive come into play.

Some people enjoy physical exercise, some people enjoy being creative. Others feel that a change in work environment increases productivity. Many listen to music or practice other hobbies.

Whatever your soul food may be, use it in times when work-related productivity is low, and reconvene once you feel satisfied and ready.


Productivity – problem triggers

Productivity while working remotely is highly dependent on the triggers that decrease productivity. These triggers essentially cause a problem for productivity throughout your day.

Finding a solution for your productivity – problem triggers comes down to assessing your productivity on a weekly basis. Identify the triggers that inhibit maximum productivity and brainstorm a solution.

These triggers can range from procrastination to general distractions. Whatever your trigger is, the solution comes down to mindfulness and self-awareness.


Stay connected and collaborate

If you work remotely you lose the benefits of having your team a desk or cubicle away. Collaboration is limited making it more difficult to work together. You lose the benefit of having a team mate with you to bounce ideas off one another.

When working remotely its always important to stay connected to your team, and the digital age has presented us the technology to do so.

Apps such as Slack, Basecamp, Whatsapp, Skype, Google Hangouts, Yammer, and Hipchat allow you to stay connected to your team. These apps also allow you to work from one space with your team, populate projects, delegate work and more. The app you use depends entirely on your preference or the nature of your organisation. You may also enjoy this article  18 Ways to Improve Your Work Environment and Optimize Productivity

Outsourcing is everything

If you are a startup business owner with limited capital hiring people to work for you is not ideal. In the modern world outsourcing serves to help you maintain productivity and work-life balance.

It’s cheaper, efficient, and gives you the peace of mind that your business is in the right hands.

At Outsourcery outsourcing is our specialty. You can have a designated PA for your every need. Our digital PA services include personal tasks, business admin, family tasks, finance & HR, and online business growth services provided by our sister company Deeply.Social.

If you aren’t sure how one of our PA’s or services might work for you, we will give you 5 hours FREE of charge, just to prove to you how beneficial outsourcing can be for you while you work remotely.

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