About the Business Owner

Name:  Samreen McGregor
Company:  Turmeric Group

Location: London

Website:  www.turmericgroup.com

LinkedIn: https://www.linkedin.com/in/samreen-mcgregor-104110




What does your business do?


Turmeric is a trusted advisor to business owners, leaders and teams aiming to reframe ambition, think differently, align behaviours and propel performance.  We love our work with clients, where we help them to understand and navigate business context, provide relevant management experience and theory and intervene where behaviour requires adjustment and development for the business to grow profitably and sustainably.  We work across all industries with senior leaders, teams, functions and organisations as a whole.




What is the most important thing to keep track of in business and why?


At any given point, for us the most important measures are:

  1. Our sales pipeline.
  2. Our client base – how large and how diverse it is in terms of industry and type of programme.
  3. How relevant and current is our offering and work with clients.




What are the most common difficulties you face daily?


  • Ensuring the day-to-day necessities of running a business do not interrupt doing what’s best for my clients.
  • It is not difficult finding good people. Finding good people with shared values, motivation and resilience to help grow the business is.
  • For me personally, the biggest challenge is how to get the pace of growth and development right as this is permanently in competition with my need to be a good mother to my two young children.




Describe your company’s culture in three words.


Authentic, breakthroughs, value




How would you describe your PA?


My PA is caring, committed, solution focussed, resourceful and available when most needed. She is a balm for my soul and I feel confident that all my bases are covered, and when I need most help she is ready to proactively support me, as well as the business.




What are your top tips for delegating?


Be organised and understand the framework of your work scope and leadership activities. Be transparent about the whole of this framework and clear on the importance of the parts. Have some control over what you delegate and why. You will gradually build trust in sharing more responsibility in line with your capacity and needs.  Regular communication encourages clarity on both sides about expectations. This helps to manage and correct the supported journey you take together.

Why are you using Outsourcery?


I have a busy life. I’m passionate about my work vocation and equally passionate about raising my children well and having a fulfilled family. I run my own business and need an additional pair of eyes, as well as hands to ensure everything important gets attention at the right time and gets done.




What would you say to someone who is unsure about hiring a virtual personal assistant?


Don’t think about it or consider it for too long, but rather try it and then think about it. I predict you’ll be in a better place to judge its value and contribution.

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