Top Productivity Apps for Property Professionals

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Property professionals face a variety of challenges that hinder productivity and efficiency in pursuit of closing sales.

Sometimes it’s a matter of forgetfulness, finding a place to store important documents and business cards, or staying up to-date with the latest property trends. These challenges significantly decrease the productivity and efficiency of property professionals.

We look at the many challenges that affect the productivity of property professionals and provide a list of apps that provide effective solutions.

Forgetting to remember

As an individual that is always on the go, property professionals tend to have the busiest minds in the business world. Many clients and different listings make for a mind with an overabundance of information.

Given that many property professionals are often forced to integrate their business with modern technology, the first challenge they face is remembering passwords needed for various apps.

It’s not so much that they are forgetful people, but because their minds are filled with so much information, its more the case of forgetting to remember.

Lastpass is an application that allows property professionals to save and access their important passwords or information, so that forgetfulness is never an issue. Lastpass prioritises  data security and is built so that the developers don’t have the key to your account – try not to forget your master password though.


Property related management

The business of property is the business of sales. Managing all your day-to-day tasks can significantly inhibit you from doing closing deals effectively.

When it comes to networking with industry professionals there is no wallet big enough to accommodate the amount of business cards you receive. Applications like Scannable or CamCard take the hassle out of hoarding business cards and other important documents, allowing you to digitise all physical documents.

Communicating with your team can be challenging if you have one and information regarding listings, appointments, or deals often get lost in translation. Slack or Microsoft Planner and Onenote are project management tools that will significantly increase productivity for effective planning as well as delegation.

Another tedious necessity is the management of finances. Expensify allows property professionals to scan receipts and processes the essential elements, adding them to an easy-to-read expense report.

Focusing on conversion and sales

Day-to-day management can significantly effects your ability to convert customers and close deals.

The number of conversions and closed deals is a measure of how productive a property professional is. Below are 6 productivity apps that will allow you to do just that:

  • LightArrow Organizer: Allows you to effectively manage showings, open houses, inspections, listings, clients, prospects, and more from one place.
  • Hightower: Property professionals can monitor available spaces, track prospects, negotiations and more. This makes closing a deal more of a reality.
  • DocuSign: Sometimes closing a deal or lease is just a signature away. Upload important paperwork for your client signatures so that you aren’t limited by location or the hassles of printed documents.
  • LeaseMatrix: Property professionals can compare various leasing options or proposals in a matter of seconds. All  calculations are done within the LeaseMatrix, which brings you closer to closing a deal.
  • RealLync: Property professionals needn’t worry about their prospects being unable to attend a showing with RealLync. This app allows you to give your clients a real-time virtual experience of a property. It effectively saves time, and money, while bringing you closer to making that big sale.
  • rightmove: This allows property professionals to monitor and upload their properties making them available to potential buyers in real-time.

Staying ahead of the game

Being a master at closing deals means nothing if your competition has information that you don’t. Staying ahead of the game comes down to knowing things that your competition doesn’t.

An application called Pocket allows property professionals to conveniently store property-related articles.. The News Funnel App gives a specific and comprehensive database of property-related content housed on the internet, seeing over 1500 registered companies uploading tools.

With tools like these property professionals can effectively stay ahead of the game while increasing conversion rates and closing sales.


Where to from here?

Even with all this information about productivity apps, management of them is still time consuming. Outsourcery have the perfect solution – high quality virtual PA’s.

Our virtual PA’s are masters in the art of delegation. Regardless of what applications you choose to increase your productivity and efficiency, they can manage them with ease. Anything you do can reinforced with the knowledge and skill they have so that you can focus on closing deals.

Our virtual PA’s can run majority of these apps for you. Observe just how much they increase productivity for your business with our 5-hour free trial. Furthermore, you can find a list of our services on our website.


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