As a property professional, there are certain environmental factors that need to be constantly monitored. You’ll always need to be looking out for factors that may impact your business negatively and for opportunities that will enhance your income. With the ever-changing environment, not only in the UK but also in the global space, we’ve put together some noteworthy trends to be aware of.  Here are some of the UK’s current trends and how they will impact property professionals. Fear not, we’ve also included a solution – a virtual assistant who can help the process of getting things back on track.

  1. Homes are being deemed ‘unhealthy’

No matter where you are in the world, the idea of having a clean home is on the list of requirements that a property professional receives. In the UK, the pollution levels have increased to such an extent that the prices of homes have lowered by 15%, leaving property professionals rethinking the way in which they sell. With the help of a personal assistant, more time can be dedicated to advertising certain homes while your PA helps with sophisticated pollution research to track the air quality. Your PA will be able to provide first-hand knowledge of where you should be advertising property and which areas are those that should be steered clear of.

  1. Heightened demand to rent

Research by property portal Zoopla suggests it is cheaper to rent than to buy a property in over half (54%) of UK cities. It has been shown that rentals are rising at a slower rate making it more desirable than buying a home. Having a personal assistant means that you will always be up to date with all the statistics you need to know and where you should be focusing your energy. You will also have more time on your hands to be handling your clients instead of the extra admin of searching for good rental opportunities.

  1. Drastic increase in housing prices

Owning a home is something that most professionals want. They feel that having a home is the next step to completing their life and that it may become the one stable thing they have, financially. But with homes being so expensive, there is a chance that it will become highly undesirable. Having a personal assistant brings some light to the situation. You will be able to delegate to them the responsibility of finding innovative ways to make it desirable again. You will be able to go out and do what you are good at while your personal assistant manages your accounts and keeps your admin up to date. They will be able to place you on different property networks to make sure you are always the first to know if there is a house at a reasonable price. You will never be out of the loop.

  1. The fall of BREXIT

BREXIT has had an impact on the UK community in more ways than they thought possible. With this, people have become more hesitant in where they put their money. As a property professional, it becomes even more difficult to try and convince your consumer to buy a home you are presenting them as they are unsure what the future will hold for the economy. With a PA, it becomes a lot easier to understand consumers in the way they act and how they feel about BREXIT now. Looking up articles on how to assure consumers about buying into your business brings forth a whole new perspective as to how you should communicate with your consumers. Having facts that are up to date surrounding the situation will also help as you will have knowledge at your fingertips that you didn’t even have to look up. BREXIT may also have a direct impact on you and your job. Having a personal assistant can keep you up to date and forecast what you should expect and what your next step should be.

A personal assistant is there to do the extra admin you do not have time to do. They are there to ensure that your life is more stable and that you always have a plan going forward. With the trends in the UK looking more dismal than not, it is a prime time to invest yourself with a personal assistant.

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