Can my virtual PA help me with Social Media?

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As a PA, there are a wide variety of questions that we get asked. From small admin tasks to greater tasks that involve more time and efficiency. With the growing realm of social media, there is no doubt that questions regarding this will pop up. Frequent questions that we believe are asked regarding social media, have been listed below. Along with this, we provide the solution we can provide for both you and your business.

If I already have accounts set-up, how do I better them?

All you must do is hand over your login details to your PA and the rest is up to them. Our PAs go through training sessions where they can understand social media on a larger and more detailed skill. They can also find more time to research top tips that you might not have time for.

Will you be able to set up an account for me/my business?

Of course, we can. Your business will be able to set up accounts including Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Instagram, Pinterest etc. Anything that you feel you may need, we will be able to help. A discussion will first be had to understand the tone and style you are looking for. Once this has been done, consistency can be achieved as a strong look and feel will be portrayed across all the platforms you wish to have.

I don’t know what I am doing on my account. Can you help?

A lot of the time individuals will have an account set up, but they won’t know how to post, schedule or check any activity on the account. Having a PA allows you to understand more about the platform, while having content being shared. You will be able to take time into learning more about it, or your PA can send you a detailed document and links to help guide you through it. It will take the pressure off you to always be in the loop.

This sounds promising. But do you have all the necessary skills as a social media expert?

At the end of the day, our PAs have basic training when it comes to social media. A few have their own expertise within a certain social media field, but they may not focus on that entirely. In that case, we have a team who can help you through any Social Media venture you may have. The Deeply Social team form part of Outsourcery as their sister company. If you are looking for a more experienced and expert social media team, ask your PA to introduce you to the digital gurus of social media.

Any social media problem that you may come across, the Deeply Social team will have you covered. Skilled individuals who all have their own unique area in which they work, make up this social media team. Having a team that is clued up on the latest digital tools and software makes it a lot easier for them to understand the realm of social media.

They know the tricks that will optimise your platforms and they have the knowledge that will help you further the potential your accounts have. These gurus are available to you for questions and queries and will be able to take both you and your business to a recognisable platform across all medias. Social media managers will make your life that much easier, in the same way, your virtual PA would, but just in a more social media orientated arena. Your PA will be able to manage the communication you have with our digital team and you will not have to worry about working with an entirely different company. They will work together to ensure you are happy every step of the way.

If you are wanting your presence to be shown on social media, even if you are not present yet, our Outsourcery PAs and Deeply Social gurus are the people you need.

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