Wellness Experts, in general, have a lot on their plate. They need to balance their own lives and those of their clients. In order to give their clients the best advice and tips, they should ensure they are always on top of their game. If a wellness expert is unable to keep their own life in balance, how can they advise their clients on what to do?

It’s paramount to understand the importance of delegation and  the key role it plays in managing your time and your life. No matter how efficient you are at your job, you only have so many hours in a day. There are only so many tasks you can cross off your list before you end up going against the inspirational advice you may be sharing with your clients.

Many people find delegation stressful. Generally, they are concerned that they don’t have adequate time to train someone else, they don’t want to lose control over the standard of work, or don’t trust that the other person has the right skill level.  You become concerned that perhaps the person you are delegating to will not be able to do it the way you would have. To step out of this cycle, you need to start accepting that delegation is key to a more productive life.

With this, we have outlined a few ways in which you can master delegation within in your own life in order to provide tips and direction to your clients.


This is where it all begins. How can you start to delegate if the person doesn’t know what they will be doing? Invest the time to explain to a colleague of yours why you have chosen them and what their precise instructions are. Allow them to understand how important something is for you. Let them know what you expect. After all, they cannot read your mind.

Democratise decision-making

Give them space. You are not the only one that should be making the decisions anymore. Let go and understand that if you both have the opportunity to decide, there will be more room for success and confidence within choices.  You will start to build a more trustworthy relationship and your business will also benefit.

Empower your colleagues

Delegation provides the opportunity to develop skills, knowledge and abilities. By allowing your colleagues/PA the opportunity to make their own decisions, you are ultimately helping them to work independently. They will, in turn, start to add more value to the work they put in and the business. You will also be helping them with their own wellness and mental health as they begin to feel more confident and powerful in their own decisions and lives.

Overcome your fears

Coming to terms with letting go of some control is imperative when working with other people. Allowing yourself the ability to relax and accept that others can help you, makes life a lot easier. Let go and make sure that you are always reassuring yourself that this is the right decision and that it will benefit you in the long run.


When you receive the work back, give honest and thoughtful feedback. There will be times when the work you receive may not be up to your standards and you will need to carefully sit and let them know why. Be open and direct with the feedback you provide and make sure that you are being sensitive to the fact that this task may be new to them, and that they are most likely doing the best that they can. That said, saying that everything is perfect when it is not, will only impede your colleague/PA from doing their job properly through learning and growing.

What not to delegate

There will be times when you need to decide whether a task is too sensitive to delegate. When it comes to more sensitive topics, such as overlooking your financial income or looking at more personal topics that your clients have given you on a confidential basis, delegating is not the best option. You need to decide what you can hand over and what you should make time for in your schedule.

Delegation is an art. You are trusting your work to another person and in the process, you are empowering that person to act. At the end of the day, it’s most important that all of your work meets its deadline, and that you feel in control and don’t get too stressed.  Delegation is important to ensure you stay happy and balanced and continue to have a smooth and easy relationship with your own clients.

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