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Keeping up with the rapidly changing Social Media environment is vital as a marketer and business owner. However, it’s not as simple as it seems.

As the digital marketing sphere is constantly changing and growing, Social Media is changing with it. As a result, current trends are not current for very long.

To keep you up to date, we have compiled a list of the current Social Media trends that you need to be aware of:


Paid Social Media is more effective than Organic


Why would companies pay for Social Media advertising if they can generate traffic without it?


Due to the rapid decrease in organic traffic and the push for relevant content, reach is highly unlikely if you are a small business that is new to Social Media.

To counteract this, you should be putting out relevant content that has ad spend behind it. This will push your content to reach the better part of your target audience.

To put this into perspective, during 2017, social media ad spend is estimated to surpass $35 billion [according to https://sproutsocial.com/insights/social-media-trends/].


Chatbot focus on Customer Service and Private Messaging


In every company, customer service should be the main focus. The amount of attention that customers need through social media channels has increased

The amount of attention that customers need through social media channels has increased drastically over the last year or two, resulting in companies turning their attention to chatbots as a way of increasing their customer service resources.

What is a social media chatbot?

Platforms such as Facebook Messenger and slack are two very prominent chatbot platforms and many companies use them to connect with their customers – whether it be by providing instant information or answering FAQs.


Engagement in Real-Time


The beauty of social media is the fact that everything is done in real-time – with very small delays, depending on your network and internet connection.

This is a huge benefit to companies as they can connect with their current and potential customers in real-time.

How to capitalise?

Be at the forefront of the continuously changing trends, stay ahead and know what your customers want before they do.


Personalised Content

OutsourceryHave you experienced the irritation of scrolling down your feeds and seeing posts that are not even slightly relevant to you?

Fortunately, that’s changing.

In recent months, social media platforms have developed their algorithms to serve relevant content to users based on what they like, their hobbies, who and what they interact with, what news and websites they visit, etc.

This focus keeps social media users active. Companies can benefit from this if they are using paid advertising. This is because they end up bypass the personalisation filter to a certain extent. Your adverts will be served to users first as long as they contain relevant content.


Automation of Social Media activity


To be successful in the digital marketing sphere, your company will need to be active on at least one channel.

Due to the many other activities that running a business has you doing, attempting to be highly active on social media is just not possible.

How can one solve this issue?

Automation, which is done using various social media management, monitoring, and scheduling tools and apps. An example of an automation App, which is one we use at PrimePixels, is HootSuite.

It allows you to be organised and run your social media ads and content on time without having to remember to do so amongst the stress of all other business activities that you do on a day-to-day basis.


To conclude, keeping up with current social media trends is imperative for success. So ask yourself, are you doing so?.

If you are struggling to keep up, or need digital marketing assistance, we have a full team of experts that are wanting to cater to all your digital marketing needs.

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