How not to Procrastinate as an Entrepreneur

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Procrastination. We’re all experts at it. As an entrepreneur, you more than likely wake up in the morning contemplating all the tasks that need attention in the ten or so hours ahead. Or better yet, you’re one with your pillow after a fast paced, action packed day and not only are you running all those decisions you made over and over in your head – you’re also worried about the next day and what stresses it could potentially bring. When we’re slammed and have so much on our plates, we tend to procrastinate!

It all comes down to our mindset, whether our brain is cluttered or not. This affects our mood. If one’s mind is clouded or a deadline is drawing near, we end up stressing and can’t think straight. Everyone is faced with procrastination, even the most productive people. They just deal with it differently. We need to establish how best to avoid it. Let’s have a look at some ways in which we can best avoid the Great Thief of Time.

Take control of your mood:

When you find yourself putting something off, ask yourself why. It could be that you have too much on your plate. Maybe you need a break. It could be that something external is worrying you. Can you change it this second? Probably not. You need to decide what is currently more important, especially if there’s a deadline on the horizon. Figure out why you’re stalling. It’ll most probably prove to be the most positive step towards finishing your task.

Break your work up into little sections:

When your workload is overwhelming (and this can be on a subconscious level) you should try and break it up. So again, ask yourself those questions. A massive task can be quite daunting, but when you separate all its parts and approach each one with your undivided attention, the mini tasks if you will, appear simple and obviously demand much less of your time. Put each “mini task” into its own box and tick them off as you go along. Completing things in a shorter amount of time will motivate you and there’s nothing like the sense of progress to get you firing on all cylinders!

Eliminate external distractions:

The internet. Everything is based online now and that comes with a price. All sorts of entertainment is available at the click of a button. Whatever your interests may be, it’s all there, on the web. You’ve probably booked marked your favourite blogs, sports news websites etc. Try to avoid having a sneaky squizz at the latest articles published or checking out a new video from one of your favourite artists. These things can wait! It’s not as if they’re going to disappear. Also, turn off all notifications on your social platforms. Those little pop-ups that appear in the bottom right-hand corner of your screen can be terribly distracting. Lastly, turn your data or WIFI off on your mobile device. If something’s truly urgent, they’ll phone you.

Try changing your environment:

You’re possibly working in an open plan office. As much as they’re fantastic, sometimes other people can be distracting. If so, move somewhere quieter and more secluded. Try working outside for a little while. Fresh air is great for productivity! If you’re a sole proprietor and are still finding it hard to concentrate, assess the space around you. If the walls are cluttered, or there are books and magazines lying around, clear the room. A neat and tidy space can work wonders for attentiveness.

Listen to Classical music:

Students around the world have been using Classical music to help them study for years now! Why should it be any different for you? A little bit of Bach, Mozart or Beethoven can help you focus. It has a calming effect on the brain, which is precisely what you need to buckle down and get things done. Academic studies have shown that it helps you process information better, which obviously results in a higher level of productivity. I’ve been listening to Tchaikovsky’s “Swan Lake” the entire time while writing this.

So, there you have it. Five separate ways to avoid procrastination. There are a whole bunch of different techniques but these are some of our favourites! Now, stop reading and get some work done!



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