Dreaming of clearing your to-do list? That is all possible when you hire an Online PA. Not having enough time in the day is what many often use as an excuse as to why things just can’t get done. However, there are so many ways that technology has allowed for all business owners whether small or large, to combat the time issue.

Online PA’s serve as a huge benefit to many businesses, as they get the things that you dread doing, done. They also serve as a huge support base, especially for businesses that are just starting out, or those that don’t have large funds to splurge on permanent employees.

Not sure of the many benefits? Well, we have dissected exactly why and how you can really get the most out of hiring an online PA.


Advantages of having an Online PA

Online PA’s are also known as Virtual Assistants.  As expected – This is a Personal Assistant that you interact with via the internet. No, they are not necessarily bots. Online PA’s work exactly as a normal personal assistant, except they are not based in your office. Instead, you communicate via email, Skype, project management tools and per telecom.

This may be quite a daunting thing as a new business owner, however, there are so many benefits.


Get your money’s worth with an Online PA

Firstly, If you are strapped for cash, yet snowed under with the workload, this is a great way to save money while receiving professional help. Unlike in-house talent, an Online PA is on contract work and you won’t need to offer the benefits that you would when hiring a permanent employee. They complete the tasks that they are given in a timely manner – whether these tasks are personal, professional, and or business, you name it, they do it!


Delegation station

Delegation is all part of hiring an Online PA, thus before you even research the various companies, it is best to know what it is that you are able to delegate out to an Online PA, and what it is that you can do. The great thing about delegating out to your Online PA is that you are rewarded with a valuable asset – your Time! So, it’s best to let go of the tasks that are holding you back from achieving your business goals.


Time Zone Benefits

Your business can be available 24/7 when you hire an Online PA from a different time zone. Like Outsourcery, we service the UK, however, our Online PA’s are based in Cape Town, South Africa, an hour ahead of the UK. You can rest assured while our Online PA’s deal with your clients.


Flexibility with your Online PA’s

The great thing about hiring an online PA is that no day is fixed. If you don’t need their services, you are not charged for the day that you have not used them. This is great as a small business owner, especially when work is simply not as constant just yet. You can change up the tasks that you ask your Online PA to do. You can also choose flexible packages to match your current needs.


Online PA’s offer a Diverse Skill-set

Unlike hiring an office based personal assistant, Online PA’s can offer you so much more than your basic admin tasks.

Online PA’s are quite nifty when it comes to technology, and many of them are qualified in other fields, thus offering a skill set that you may not receive from an Average-Joe in-house PA. The great thing about Outsourcery too, is that our company works as a collective whole and encourage knowledge sharing as part of our culture. You will never have to worry that your personal assistant will be incapable of conducting a task.


Confidentiality is promised

Yes, we completely understand the hesitance when doing anything online, however, with a personal assistant, you are guaranteed confidentiality. Your business information or even your personal information, as online PA’s deal with your personal life too, will not be disclosed to third parties. Even though these PA’s are outsourced, they still form part of your business and work exactly the same as they would if they were employed full time, thus you do not need to worry when hiring an Online PA.


And there you have it, however, this is simply scraping the bare minimum of what Online PA’s can do for you. If you want to know more, simply contact us today and we will help find you the best suited Online PA for your business. Take back your time, take back your life, and hire an Online PA today!




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