Maintaining good work-life balance while growing your business should be a priority, not just a dream. While it may seem difficult for business owners to do this, it is certainly not impossible. Strike the right work-life balance with these top ten tips

Prioritise your time

Your time is your most valuable resource, take a close look at how and where you are spending it. Make note of the activities that add value and those that don’t. Keep track of when you are most productive and when you are least product. If you find that there are activities that can be cut out or delegated, do so immediately and see how much time you are able to free up for important work and yourself.

Learn to delegate work

It is important to realise that you cannot be everything for everyone all the time. Delegation is key is getting back your time for a more balanced life. If at this stage of your business you do not have the capacity to employ extra help, you can make use of a virtual PA service. This allows you to delegate certain tasks when you need to, to a qualified assistant.

Make time for selfcare

You cannot be at your best for work if you are overworked and are experiencing burnout. Downtime and selfcare should be a priority. By prioritising some downtime for yourself you can take a break from the work and spend time enjoying activities that relax you. This allows you to rejuvenate and helps you to reduce stress and anxiety.

Don’t be afraid to ask for help

An important aspect of achieving work-life balance is knowing when to ask for help and not being afraid to ask for it. Reach out to your network of people around you that can help you out. This can include talking to a family member or a friend, seeking business advice from a mentor, or asking a colleague for help with managing a heavy workload.

Take up a hobby

While it is important to invest a lot of time into growing your business or developing certain skills, it is equally important to feel purposeful outside of your work. You can do this by taking up a hobby you feel passionate about and making time to participate in it. This can help you relax from work stresses, give you a different perspective to problem-solving, and improve other skills that are related to your hobbies.

Make time for family and friends

Family and friends are an important part of life. They provide support and love, and they are a good source of comfort in times of trouble and happiness. These relationships need to be nurtured and what better way to do that than by spending quality, uninterrupted time with them. You could even plan holidays or short breaks to spend time with family and friends.

Use a virtual assistant to help you stay on track

When trying to achieve work-life balance, it is important that you have someone that can help you stay on track and hold you accountable. This is especially important for goals you have for your business and for your personal life. Your online PA can help you stay on top of your plans, and your commitments, and ensure that you are up to date with everything you need to do.

Differentiate between work and home

While it may be a difficult to master this, it is important to separate work and home. To help you keep these areas of your life separate, create an environment that promotes productivity at work and create an environment that promotes relaxation at home. This way, your mind and your mood can adjust accordingly wherever you are. Unless it is necessary or an emergency, avoid bringing work home.

Prioritise your health

Ensure that you prioritise your health by getting enough exercise, eating healthy, and getting enough sleep. When you take care of these areas it means that you can function better, be alert at work and have enough energy to get through the day. When you take care of your health, you can perform at your best.

Take care of your mind

The mind is powerful and taking care of it is as important as taking care of your health. You should therefore pay special attention to your thoughts and manage what consumes your mind and how you think about things. To avoid feeling anxious from thoughts of self-doubt and fears that may set in, make a habit of reading books that will give you confidence and positive thoughts. Alternatively, find a mentor that you can have talks with and get support from in moments when you feel unsure of yourself.

To strike the right kind of work-life balance, it is important to make time for the other aspects of your life, outside of your work. To start living a balanced life requires of you to delegate and ask for help when you need it. Remember that you have a wide network of people around you and those relationships need to be nurtured.

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