How to Build a Positive Relationship with your Virtual Assistant

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So, you have just hired a virtual assistant and are excited about the prospect of freeing up some valuable time to focus on the direction of your business.

Now comes the important part: building the best relationship possible with your virtual assistant, to achieve the best results.

Not sure where to start? We have rounded up our top five tips for building a positive relationship with your virtual assistant; to help you free up time to concentrate on creating the business of your dreams.

Getting started

Firstly, have a chat. Book a time slot and have an informal conversation to get to know your virtual assistant. Share your needs and learn more about your virtual assistant’s experience and specialised skills. Our job is to make the transition into the world of virtual delegation as smooth and seamless as possible, so really take the time to suss each other out from the outset.

Next, share your calendar and contacts and introduce your virtual assistant to the other members of your team.

It’s also important to be clear on any preferences or boundaries in order to create the optimum environment for a mutually beneficial relationship.

Ensuring clarity with your virtual assistant

Clearly articulating your needs is paramount in the beginning and throughout your experience with your virtual assistant. In the initial stages, pop all task lists and deadlines into a shared spreadsheet (we recommend starting a Google Drive document which you both have access to), so you are both clear on what needs to be done and when. Use our top ten tools for working with a Virtual assistant to get started.   Then request updates when you think they are needed so as to keep priorities, goals and deadlines well in check.

Virtual assistants are brilliant, but they are not mind readers! In the beginning stages especially, it is important to provide adequate information in your briefs and task lists. This will help to keep the time it takes to complete tasks to a minimum, as well as reduce any confusion and unnecessary back and forth communication.

Communicating effectively and efficiently

Hiring a virtual assistant is a learning curve, so finding what type of communication works for you is the best way to set yourself up for seamless efficiency. Our virtual assistants are open to using whichever communication tool you desire, be it email, text, phone or Skype. We recommend setting a specific time to communicate weekly. Most of our clients like to schedule in a weekly Skype call at a time that suits them.

Clarify what you expect from your virtual assistant so they know exactly what they are doing. We recommend using Skype or Video chat so you can read facial expressions and body language to bridge the virtual gap and really gauge how you are both doing. Keep the communication channels open and the positive vibes are sure to flow!

Being honest and transparent

Being honest and transparent is imperative in finding what works best for you both. In the early stages of building your relationship, figuring out how to work with your virtual assistant is crucial to see what works and what does not. Remember, you are building a partnership, so developing open, honest and straightforward communication is key to success in getting the most out of your package.

Learning to trust your virtual assistant

We understand that it can be difficult to relinquish control over certain tasks, but it is pivotal to building a positive relationship underpinned by trust and confidence. Hiring a virtual assistant allows you to unburden the responsibilities of administrative tasks that hold you back from giving your business your full attention. Trusting them takes time, but it is crucial for your business as well as setting a positive tone between you both.

Be patient and trust the process. Most of all, enjoy the freedom to focus on your business and let your virtual assistant take care of the rest.

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