Top Tips for Effective Small Business Advertising

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For small businesses, the budget for advertising can be small. So, effective ideation and strategy are essential to achieving the best results for business growth. It is essential when outlining and developing a digital marketing strategy to consider what will achieve the best results on a small budget. Effective keyword research here is most beneficial, you can target keywords with low Cost-Per-Click (CPC) but still high traffic.

When it comes to digital marketing, it can seem beneficial to cast your net wide by using a variety of platforms. However, spreading your advertising so thin could prove costly and problematic. That’s why we have rounded up our top tips for small business advertising to help you find the best option for your business.

Our Top Tips for Effective Small Business Advertising

Firstly, what is paid advertising and why is it so useful? The majority of people equate paid advertising to Pay-Per-Click (PPC). But PPC includes Google AdWords, Twitter and Facebook advertising among other social and digital platforms.

Other examples of paid advertising can include online partnerships, website takeovers as well as PPC campaigns. All forms of paid advertising can be effective, but in the long run, it is important to implement a long-term digital marketing strategy. Maintain consistent views, impressions and in turn generate more revenue should be the goal.

Use PPC Advertising

Pay-Per-Click advertising for small businesses is one of the most cost-effective ways to get your website seen. PPC is a model of internet marketing in which businesses pay a fee each time one of their ads is clicked by an online user. It allows advertisers to bid for a certain position on the SERP (search engine results page). It is a way of buying visits to your website, rather than waiting and hoping for organic visits.

When PPC is working effectively, the fee almost pays for itself. Eventually, the visit can be worth more than the expense you pay for it. A lot goes into building a successful PPC campaign, and that’s where our Business Growth Services can help.

Utilise Google Ads

PPC is one of the most popular forms of Search Engine Marketing. Furthermore, Google Ads is the most popular form of PPC advertising in the digital world. The Ads platform helps businesses to create ads that appear on the search engine and other Google properties. As the most popular search engine, Google generates huge amounts of traffic and therefore successfully delivers the most impressions and clicks to your ads.

Invest in Facebook Advertising

Facebook Advertising is also a key strategy for small business advertising. For social media advertising, Facebook really does dominate the worldwide market, receiving 65% of the total ad spend (eMarketer, 2017) with 4 million active advertisers.

Facebook adverts capture users’ attention in four ways:

  1. The right-hand side column of the newsfeed on a desktop PC
  2. The right-hand column of every other Facebook page that has been visited
  3. Within the actual content on the main newsfeed page
  4. On other mobile applications

Not only that, but Facebook enables you to refine your target audience and reach. Because of Facebook’s advertising platform and algorithm, you can refine targeting to an exact demographic, interest topic, or even location.

How Can You Measure the Success of it?

Facebook Pixel is an analytical tool which does exactly that. It allows you to measure the effectiveness of your paid advertising, by analysing and tracking the actions that users take across devices after viewing your advert. Even better, if you add the pixel to your website, you can monitor the conversions to sales on your website as a direct result of your Facebook ad.

Benefits of Paid Small Business Advertising

The benefits of paid advertising speak for themselves. But especially for small businesses trying to build traffic, negotiate, competitors and see a return of investment, paid ads are a great way to get started.

However, while paid advertising is beneficial in the short run, it is crucial to implement a devised SEO strategy to continue growth and traffic in the long term. Staying on top of Digital Marketing Trends is also crucial is staying ahead of the game, building your small business advertising campaign with confidence and success.

Data, Data, Data

Half of all digital marketing spending is unnecessarily misspent; the trouble is knowing which half. With all these campaigns, the next step is to keep track of them. Find out what’s working and what isn’t. Your campaigns should be fluid. Constantly changing and adjusting your bids see what works best for your website is essential. Google Analytics has a great insight tab that allows you to see exactly what users are doing on your site, what content is working and what isn’t. This way you can keep track of your ROI to ensure that your marketing spending isn’t wasted.

At PrimePixels, we provide specialised digital marketing services for small to medium businesses. Understanding the difficulties small businesses encounter, we have the expertise to help your business prosper. We’d love to see how we can help your business grow, get in touch with us here, or check out our cost-effective business growth services.

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