As much as you know what your business needs for it to be successful, it can be challenging to execute everything on your to-do list on your own. If your to-do list is collecting dust and you aren’t crossing items off it anytime soon, then a virtual PA may be what you need, and they should be the right fit for your business.

Start with finding the right virtual PA:

Start small

Select a group of virtual PAs and give each a task to complete. It does not have to be too big a task but one significant enough for you to assess their abilities. You may then arrange to meet or video call with whomever completes the task best and then go into more detail on what the job entails.

Educate your virtual PA about your company culture

Remember that their motivations and aspirations are part of their character and once you have met with them, you should get a feel for what these are. Keeping this in mind, educate your virtual PA about the culture of your company. This will help you see if they are a good fit and it is important for them to see themselves that way too. While growing your company, it is important to ensure that you maintain your company culture.

Prepare to give up control

You know the vision you have for your business and you probably want to oversee everything, especially at inception. An aspect of working with a virtual assistant is relinquishing some of this control and trusting them to execute tasks on your behalf.

Your virtual PA is on board, now what?

While focusing on the tasks that require most of your attention, you trust your assistant to carry out the admin tasks you don’t have time for. In this case, if you are still wondering if they are the right fit, then keep in mind that these are the five traits you should look out for:

  1. Virtual PAs who are independent

If you need to micromanage, you might as well do the job yourself. Our VAs are not only experienced but are able to work independently because they have been trained in their work.

  1. Availability

They may not physically arrive at work, but they are available as and when you need them. We know that workload, especially in an SME, is not always consistent and you may need your assistant less than you did before. When you need them, they are available to hop onto your tasks.

  1. Communication

The purpose of choosing a virtual PA is because you do not require them to be physically with you. You may communicate via email, Skype or over the phone. The right VA knows how to communicate openly and honestly even when things are not going well. If you have to probe for information or worry about whether your virtual assistant even exists, then they may not be the right fit.

  1. Delivering on tasks

This goes without saying, otherwise why else have you hired them? Expectations around the tasks should be realistic so that it is not impossible for your virtual assistant to deliver on them. Talk about how these tasks relate to the company’s objectives. This way, if your assistant is part of the company culture, they will feel more inclined to go above and beyond when doing their work.

The only thing your virtual PA can’t do is make you a cup of coffee. What’s best for your business is the Outsourcery team of PAs that is experienced, which gives you time to focus your direct attention on what is important to help your business grow. Book an appointment with us now.

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