With Christmas just round the corner, it’s time to really kick into full festive mode. Easier said than done when your to do list is not even nearly complete, there’s a huge stack of christmas cards on your desk that you should have sent out to client weeks ago and plans to be made for the new year. Here’s how your virtual assistant can help you to properly enjoy Christmas this year:

  1. Last minute shopping

Your virtual PA might be on the other side of the globe, but thanks to internet shopping and courier services, there’s no reason why your assistant can’t double up as your christmas elf. If you’re keen to impress this year, your PA can buy presents for clients, arrange for them to be gift wrapped with a personalised note and delivered to their homes, ski chalet or beach hut just in time for the 25th. Likewise if there’s a family member you missed, your assistant can do the research to find them the perfect gift according to their interests and age.

  1. Corporate Christmas cards

It might be too late to send christmas cards out in the post, but there are plenty of great e-card services that are professional and reasonable. Your virtual assistant can research the companies to find the best rates and carefully design a card to your liking before making sure it’s sent out to your client list.

  1. Email inbox

This is a busy time of year for your inbox. No doubt, it’s already flooded with christmas greetings, last minute requests and panicked queries from your clients who desperately need something to be done before christmas. Your virtual assistant can carefully filter out the important emails that need your attention, respond to christmas cards and file any which can be dealt with in the new year. You’ll return to the office with an expertly organised inbox.

  1. Holiday cover

It can be hard to properly switch off over the christmas break when you still have a million things niggling away at the back of your mind. Your virtual assistant can help you to enjoy a more relaxing christmas break by covering some of your work load for a couple of days, taking care of daily administrative tasks and generally keeping things in order in your absence.

  1. Christmas lunch

One of the most stressful tasks at christmas is buying the food for lunch. If you leave it too late, everything’s sold out and you end up spending most of christmas eve driving round trying to find a turkey and the right kind of sage stuffing. Hand over your shopping list to your virtual assistant and they can make the order and have it delivered right to your door with plenty of time to spare.

  1. Festive marketing

Christmas is one of the best times to push your marketing. Everyone’s in a generous mood and on the lookout for christmas presents. Your personal assistant can help to boost sales by preparing a special seasonal promotion, sale or offer, or even by creating a festive social media campaign.

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