Working as Online PAs, we are always looking for tools to enhance our efficiency. Juggling multiple clients and various tasks on a daily basis, why not make sure you are the most productive you can possibly be?

If there’s one thing we’ve learnt, it’s that sharing is caring. By giving you an insight into the tools we use, we hope you become even more motivated to keep delivering amazing client work. Using Virtual Assistant Software is key to managing all of your tasks and producing the best work possible.


What are Web Browser Extensions?

Your web browser is your personal window to the internet. And your web browser extensions are tools to make you even more efficient, accurate and productive. Helping you to stay organised and increasing the ease of communication between yourself and your clients, web browser extensions are like angels sent from heaven to look over Virtual PAs.

To help you get started we’ve put together this hand guide of our top 7 browser extensions to use every day!


  1. Google Chrome Accounts

Even though this isn’t an extension, our virtual assistants find this is the best way to stay on top of all their clients data. Using your clients google account, you can set up individual chrome tabs and switch between them. This works by allowing you to set up a separate google account for your clients and switching between each. What it allows you to do is compartmentalise each clients bookmarks, extensions, and even history.

  1. Last Pass

Ever forgotten a password? We’ve all been there. Last Pass allows you to store all of your passwords and log in details in one neat place. What’s more you can share log in information and private with clients without sharing the actual password – increasing security.

Client confidentiality should be a top priority. This tool helps you to maintain the security of all their accounts while gaining access to platforms such as Facebook etc. If you’re still worried about client security, check out our 7 ways to share sensitive information between clients and Online PAs.

  1. Grammarly

When you undertake tasks for clients, it’s hugely important that your writing, grammar and sentence structure is accurate. A missed comma here and inaccurate use of a semicolon there can completely alter the meaning of a sentence, and that’s where communication can break down. Grammarly is your own personal writing editor.

  1. Fireshot

Fireshot is a great tool for capturing web page content. Producing high-quality output images of the whole page or a visible selection it makes capture your on screen view much easier. What’s more, there’s no need to use an external editor to crop, resize, blur or highlight – Fireshot does it all. The captured page automatically opens up in the built-in editor allowing you to complete all your editing in one space.

  1. Loom

If you have a client who frequently uses video, Loom is the perfect tool for you! It enables you to capture, narrate and share videos instantaneously. Allowing you to communicate with clients much faster with one-click recording and a sharing URL, Loom is changing the way we communicate on desktop. It is also especially useful for training and highlighting things to clients when you are in completely different time zones and video calling isn’t an option!

  1. Small PDF

We all know PDFs look neater and more professional, but they can be nightmare sometimes too. Small PDF allows you to convert, compress, merge, split and edit your PDF files. Compress them ready for emails and edit documents in their original format.

  1. Hola

Hola allows you to unblock blocked websites in your country – which is perfect if you have international clients. It provides a free and secure VPN for a more open internet experience.

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