8 Tips for setting up Facebook ads that get results 

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Facebook is the biggest social media platform in the world with 2.6 billion active users. It’s been touted as the social media platform for the older generation but 2.6 billion users are nothing to balk at. That kind of reach is phenomenal! That’s why setting up the right Facebook ads are incredibly important to make sure you are getting the best results.


Facebook shapes the opinions of the world and has a large influence on consumer habits. If you’re not doing it already, you seriously need to start exploiting this ever-growing market. 


Here are some tips for setting up Facebook ads that get results! 


Target specific messages to different audiences 

Facebook is brilliant for its audience targeting capabilities because you can use your content to reach the most relevant people. Facebook allows you to get extremely granular with your target market. You are able to split your audience into selections: you can choose a core audience based on location or age; or select a custom audience by uploading a contact listor find lookalike audiences – where you use existing consumer demographics to find people similar to them. 


Upsell to your existing customers with more info or add-ons about products you’ve sold them before, whereas new customers might want freebies and more detailed information. Existing customers are your custom audience but you can also target lookalike audiences who share similar traits to those who already engage with your business page. 


Use different formats 

Facebook also provides an array of available ad formats. You can use video without the high production costs by making use of Facebook Slideshow. You can optimise your ads for mobile, provide an interactive experience with the Canvas, or showcase the best from your product catalogue with the Carousel or Collection ad formats. 


Good copy is essential 

Images are important, yes, but effective copy goes a long way in getting your message across. Good copywriting shows people where to go, it persuades them to do something like click on a link. It can also excite and entertain. Visuals and copy go hand I hand, so make sure the copy backs up the visual. Also, don’t forget that the copy must fit with the visual (like peas and carrots)Try not to create a jarring experience for the user when setting up your Facebook Ads.  


Prioritise ads for mobile 

Close to 100% of ad revenue on Facebook comes from mobile. But users only spend 1.7 seconds with a piece of content on mobile compared to 2.5 seconds on desktop, so it’s important to capture their attention as quickly as possible. Keep the message short and drive the key message as early on as possible. Ensure that your content meets mobile best practices, for example, vertical videos allow users to easily full screen without having to turn their phones. It’s little tweaks like this that will set you part from your competitors. 


Harness the benefits of interactive ads 

People love interactive content like quizzes and polls. These collaborative formats are built to connect with people and draw them in to participate. People want to be included in your next big ideaInvite them to express themselves and be a part of something and reward them with meaningful that surprises, delights, challenges or allow them to discover something new. 


Use video 

Video is a great way to demo your product or service. It also provides huge scope for creativity and entertainmentUsers are much more likely to stop and watch a video, as it instantly starts playing when they scroll over it. Video is still the best mechanism to convey touching and engaging content. Centre your video around your brand and tell your amazing story 


Use automatic placements 

Let Facebook decide on the best ad placements for you so that you can make the most of your budget. Their targeting works the same across all available placements eg Facebook, Instagram and Messenger helping you find a wider audience. It tests the ads that perform the best and allocate your marketing budget to only those placements that are successful. 


Use CTAs! 

Every Facebook ad must have a call-to-action (CTA). Placed in the ad copy or video and always be reinforced with Facebook’s clickable CTA buttons. CTAs spur users to take actions whether it’s making a purchase or making a booking. CTAs help you guide your visitors through the buying journey and directly impact your conversion rates. 


Facebook really does have all the advantages to help boost your ad campaigns and sales revenue. It’s wise to give yourself the edge and use these tips to not only promote your products and services but also build lasting relationships with your audience. 


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