What Does a Marketing Assistant Actually Do All Day?

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As lockdown regulations start to ease in the UK and vaccines are rolled out, we have a glimmer of hope at the prospect of life returning to normal. Watching your business regain its strength and start to flourish is what all SME owners’ priorities are right now. So, what exactly does your marketing strategy look like going forward? If you’re overwhelmed and trying to juggle countless tasks while you get back on track, then you should consider outsourcing some of your tasks to a marketing assistant to lighten the load. But what exactly does a marketing assistant do and how can they add value to your business? In this blog, we will unpack it all, so keep reading.  


What is a marketing assistant?   


You may have heard the title being thrown around, but what exactly is a marketing assistant? Think of a marketing assistant as the marketing departments superhero! They work closely with the marketing team to assist in developing and actioning all marketing plans and strategies that align with the business’s goals and objectives. In business, marketing activities drive sales, and most marketing departments could use an additional resource in their team. Many hands make light work. 



From big-budget paid campaigns straight through to your organic social media content creation, a marketing assistant helps coordinate all projects and makes sure all operations within the marketing department run smoothly.  


Now that you’re up to speed with what a marketing assistant is, now we need to know what exactly does a marketing assistant do and what are their day-to-day responsibilities.  


What are their responsibilities 


Before you consider hiring a marketing assistant, you need to have a clear idea of their role and responsibilities so you can better understand whether they can add value to your businessLet’s dive in.  


Assist and support  


The job of your marketing assistant is in the name – they assist and support the marketing team with all planning, implementing and supervision of marketing campaigns. A marketing assistant should be able to flag a potential hiccup on the campaign before it starts, giving the marketing manager peace of mind that the daily operations are running seamlessly 


They provide administrative support and assist in identifying what is working well, and what is not, on the campaigns.  


Research and reports  


In-depth research is nothing new to a marketing assistant. They are responsible for the majority of the research on marketing campaigns, assist in identifying market trends and where there is growth potential.  


Gone are the days of crunching numbers and getting overwhelmed by the results. Delegate it to your marketing assistant! One of the most important responsibilities of a marketing assistant is to monitor the performance of the campaign and to capture the data and create reportsReports are fed back to the senior members of the marketing team who will decide if the efforts have been worth the return. From there, tweaks and changes can be made to ensure success going forward. 


Organise and coordinate  


Being highly organised is a requirement when it comes to the role of a marketing assistant. Marketing assistants should help to organise and coordinate marketing tasks and events such as conferences, webinars and trade shows, basic marketing materials and collateral. They do a lot of the work, with guidance and collaboration from the marketing and sales department.  




Kiss those mundane, monotonous tasks goodbye! A marketing assistant can help you implement simple, daily tasks. From searching for stock images to scheduling your content, they will make sure your marketing activities are on track from start to finish. 


Budding wordsmiths  


A marketing assistant should have a broad vocabulary and illustrate strong creative writing skills to be able to write and edit copy and content for different platforms. If you don’t have an in-house copywriter, a marketing assistant will be the go-to person for all copy that goes onto social media, your website and press releases. So, make sure they are familiar with your brand’s tone and voice and let them go for it 


How can they add value to your business?   


Reporting and copywriting may sound great, but you’re probably wondering exactly how a marketing assistant can add value to your business. Below we’ve identified two ways that marketing assistants can boost your business 


Help you be more productive  


A marketing assistant adds an entire level of productivity to your business. Your marketing efforts will have a dedicated resource who is committed to delivering successful campaigns and growing your business. 


Not only do they assist your marketing team to stay on schedule with all your marketing tasks, but they will save you time. And we know how valuable time is to a business owner 


Having more time will allow you to focus on other areas of your business that may need more attention or require your expertise to run a tight, successful ship.    


A fresh set of eyes  


Two heads are better than one – it’s unlikely they will both go in the wrong direction. Hiring a marketing assistant allows for a fresh set of eyes to assist all marketing activities. This can spark new ideas, flag any potential problems, contribute valuable insights and drive business growth.   



A fresh set of eyes also keeps an objective view of any digital marketing trends that may arise before you are even aware they exist. This helps your business stay ahead of the competition while remaining up to speed with the most popular digital marketing trends, tips and tricks. This opens an entire window of opportunity for your business growth and success.  


By now you should have a clear understanding of what a marketing assistant actually does and how they can add value to your business. Not only can they be your right-hand man or woman, but they also assist in accelerating business growth, reaching your goals and strengthening the marketing department overall. Everyone needs a marketing assistant superhero!   

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