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From the Bhagavad Gita, the Torah, the Quran, the Bible, every major religion has an auspicious book – a guideline in some cases, a set of rules in others – for the followers of that faith to follow.

Similarly, every major business has its own book of sorts – and that is its brand messaging strategy.

Like the auspicious books of the believers, there is often an underlining message weaved throughout the content, such as upliftment of the community, ethical considerations, or simply being a moralistically good human.

For a brand to survive, it’s imperative to craft a compelling messaging strategy. And if done well and implemented correctly, it can last as long, if not longer, than the reverent books of faith.

Before we get to the how and why of a brand messaging strategy, we must first know the definition of a brand.


What is a brand? 


A brand is the combined experience that a company provides to the public at large through its colours, words, tone, voice, style, and products.

It’s the smile on your face when you think of Lego, the thought of an athlete in motion when mentioning Nike, the irritation you experience when hearing the names of any politicians – all of this equates to carefully constructed branding. Yes, even in the case of the politicians, the glib smiles and half-hearted promises remain consistent enough to ensure that we always take what is said with a pinch of salt. An otherwise brilliant manoeuvre that keeps us from expecting too much from our representatives.

However, a brand is nothing without a brand messaging strategy, as the strategy is the most effective way for you to reach out and talk to your audience.

Customers want to connect, and a compelling strategy provides them with the opportunity to do so.




What is a brand messaging strategy and why is it important? 


  • Your messaging strategy communicates exactly what your brand is and how to speak to your customers through verbal and nonverbal messaging
  • It must encourage the audience to buy from your business
  • It should be as effective as possible as you only have around 15 seconds to capture your audience’s attention
  • It defines how you are perceived
  • The company culture, values, and mission statement must align with your overall strategy
  • It needs to truly resonate, both internally and externally
  • It tells your audience why your company matters, what it stands for and defines how you are different
  • Internally – your brand messaging is defined by your employees and customer culture
  • Externally – it is defined by how you are seen, the feelings you invoke, and the conversations that are created through your brand.


So, how do you craft a compelling brand messaging strategy? 


Well, we have a six-step solution just for you, and to help you on your way, we will include two examples to show how easy it is, regardless of your field.

Let us use a plumbing service for example 1, and a yoga studio for example 2 as we go through the steps together.


Step 1: Your brand’s heart and soul 


Who you are, where you’re going, and how are you getting there?


Define your mission statement – Who are you?


Why does your business exist? Ensure that you are authentic, and this must follow through in your daily operations.

Do not underestimate the use of clear, simple words. Define what it is that you do and at the same time, why it is beneficial to your target audience. Be sure to encapsulate exactly what sets you apart from your competitors.

This forms the heart of your brand message strategy.


Define your vision – Where are you going?


For the soul, you must consider your vision. This is the outlook of your business – where you want to be in a year, two years, or even 10 years from now. It should clearly cover all that you wish to achieve and accomplish – so think big.


Define your values – How are you getting there? 


Your morals and values tie your vision and mission together – it’s the bow to the nicely wrapped brand that you are presenting to your clients.

Your value statement must cover exactly how you wish to conduct your business. These include your beliefs, your approach, and your manner of conducting your business.


Pat’s Plumbing:

Mission: Our mission is to flow swiftly, plunge deeply, and patch quickly. Plunger in hand, smile in tow – we gladly do the jobs that you don’t want to.

Vision: To get into every pipe, everywhere.

Values: To do it gladly, and quickly with a smile.


Yolanda’s Yoga Studio:

Mission: Our mission is to stretch you to your limits, invigorate your senses, enhance your life – and then do some yoga.

Vision: To establish a yoga-centric lifestyle across all ages.

Value: More than just yoga – we look inside and outside to provide you with the best experience.




Step 2: Unique Selling Point 


The positioning and unique selling points of you and your business sets you apart from your competitors – ensuring that you are memorable, different, and better is of fundamental importance.

  • Are you catering to a different audience?
  • Are your prices competitive?
  • Does the quality of your product or service stand out?
  • What materials do you use?
  • What are your values – how do you conduct your business?

Only you will know what sets you apart.


Pat’s Plumbing: Quick service, great customer satisfaction, taking on the responsibility with a smile

Yolanda’s Yoga: Providing a friend, a connection, along with yoga




Step 3: Target market 


As important as defining who you are and why you’re different, you must know your audience and why they will be willing to pay you for a service or product.

  • Who is your audience?
  • How do you create value for that audience?
  • What are their expectations?
  • What are their purchasing patterns?

As part of individual business research, you should have an idea of your target market, their wants, and needs, and just how you will be fulfilling their requirements.


Pat’s Plumbing: Everyone who is queasy about getting their hands dirty

Yolanda’s Yoga: Individuals who want to change their lives and attempt the yoga route hoping that yoga will be the solution to all their problems.




Step 4: Define your voice 


Voice equates to the personality of your business. If you’re a fun, exciting organisation, your wording cannot have the resonance of a funeral parlour.

Construct your voice and stick to it – understandably though, there are slight variations to voice in terms of business conduct, however, the gist of your messages must always sound as if it’s coming from the same person.

Your voice must relate to your values and your audience.


Pat’s Plumbing: Witty, humorous, confident

Yolanda’s Yoga: Compassionate, informative, casual




Step 5: Create a slogan 


This is usually a one-liner with a purpose.

  • It must be simple.
  • It must be short.
  • It must be memorable.


Pat’s Plumbing: Flow swiftly, plunge deeply, and patch quickly

Yolanda’s Yoga: We stretch you to your limits, invigorate your senses, enhance your life – and then we do some yoga.




Step 6: The elusive elevator pitch 


You have 30 seconds to explain your business – go!

The elevator pitch is a short description and definition of your business. This is your mantra, your call to action, your explanation, and the finality of your compelling brand messaging strategy.

If you can’t explain it simply enough, then you need to go back to the drawing board!


Pat’s Plumbing: Our goal is to flow swiftly to your assistance, plunge deeply, and patch quickly. Plunger in hand, smile in tow – we gladly do the jobs that you don’t want to. We want to get into every pipe, everywhere. And we’ll gladly, and quickly conduct our service with a smile.


Yolanda’s Yoga Studio: We want to stretch you to your limits, invigorate your senses, enhance your life – and then do some yoga. To establish a yoga-centric lifestyle across all ages we understand that we must do more, be more, give more. We look inside and outside to provide you with the best overall experience.




We hope that these tips, tricks, and examples help you on your journey to crafting a compelling brand messaging strategy.

If you require further help, please get in touch with us.

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