Back-to-School Marketing Campaigns We Love

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The holidays are over, and it’s back to school. Not only does this bring some sanity for parents, but it’s a massive opportunity for brands to leverage off the back-to-school marketing season. The back-to-school market is estimated to be worth £1.7 billion this year and is the third-largest shopping event in the UK.


To run a successful back-to-school marketing campaign takes a well thought out marketing strategy and advanced planning. Some businesses start conceptualising their back-to-school campaigns before the prior school year has even ended. So, if you want to jump on the back-to-school bandwagon and to make sure you’re well prepared for next time, we’ve listed our top 5 stand-out campaigns to help you get inspired.


1. George – “Arrive Like You Mean It” (2021)




George (Asda’s clothing brand) launched a back-to-school campaign like nothing we have seen before. The campaign featured young kids returning to school with an unmistakable attitude, rapping about their big return post-covid and repping some sustainably sourced school uniforms while doing so. The campaign oozes confidence, is catchy and is blowing up all over social media.


2. Sports Direct – “School Starts Here” (2021)




Sports Direct has recently launched its “School Starts Here” campaign, and we love it! The brand has leveraged off influencer marketing by using teen TikTok stars Ollie Ball and Jacob Pasquill as the faces for its £2.5 million campaign.


Sports Direct has thought outside the box and makes its audience aware that there is more to school success than just academics.


3. Tesco – “Back to school” (2018)




Another brand that made use of influencer marketing was retail giant Tesco. The brand paired with mommy bloggers to create an authentic social media campaign around effortlessly buying school uniforms.


The concept of the campaign was to let the audience know how easy it was to buy school uniforms while doing your grocery shopping. It plays on the viewers’ pain points as one asset all moms lack – time.


4. Ikea partnership with Snapchat (2017)




The furniture brand launched this interactive campaign to target millennials heading back to university. The partnership with Snapchat promoted products for college dorm rooms which encouraged the audience to answer quiz questions and engage with the content to find the right products. A brilliant, innovative initiative from the worlds largest furniture company.


5. Amazon Prime Day (2019)




Our final back to school marketing campaign we love is by the incredibly popular Amazon Prime Day. The e-commerce retailer created a highly targeted campaign that was aimed at shoppers who had shown previous interest in their products. The campaign included a wide product range, and its messaging strategy was focused on a healthy family reset after the summer holidays.


Are you feeling inspired after reading this? Here are our top tips on how to create a successful back-to-school marketing campaign for your business.


  •   Boost your sales by incorporating user-generated content. 84% of consumers say they trust peer recommendations when deciding whether to purchase something.
  •   Consider running a special discount for your consumers. With all the competition out there, give your audience another reason to purchase from you.
  •   Include emotional marketing in your strategy to address your customers’ pain points.
  •   Partner with a non-competing brand and host a giveaway. This will allow your brand to reach a potential new market.
  •   Add value to your audience by creating helpful content in your campaign. Back to school tips, how-to guides, and checklists are a great way in doing so.
  •   Create different content pillars. Don’t just solely focus your campaign on kids returning to school. Think about what you can offer teachers too.


From pre-schoolers to parents, there is a huge opportunity to create the best back-to-school marketing campaign for your brand. Whether you are a furniture store, e-commerce retailer, or simply stocking the latest school fashion, including a back-to-school marketing campaign is a sure way to increase brand awareness and boost profit margins.

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