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Part 1: Getting started


We are all familiar with the online search prowess of Google, to the extent that in the past few years, Google and ‘search’ have become interchangeable words.


Gone are the days when we ask our friends and family to search for something online when we can just ‘Google’ it. And as time passed, Google has become a staple addition to our suite of apps, whether it be in the form of their browser, Chrome, or to find our way. Garmin, once the epitome of the mobile navigation industry, is now barely a whisper as Google Maps dominates the space. Tied into our on-demand ride services, food deliveries, and local attractions, we pull up Google Maps even to note the traffic on our way to and from work.


Google has even produced free variations of the office suite Microsoft presently sells to us, and with the most recent price increases, many of us are slowly yet surely making the switch.


Alphabet Inc., the parent organisation of Google, has created a powerhouse of inter-related apps, products, and services to meet our growing demands. And as we move towards a constantly online presence through our devices, it makes sense to align our marketing with the free Google tools at our disposal.


5 free Google tools to help you market your business 


There are free Google tools that can assist you in boosting your search engine optimisation (SEO) ranking, building brand awareness and engagement, as well as tracking and managing your online brand reputation. Some tools incorporate global collaboration. There are even tools that can change the very way you do business – and while that may seem like a lot, we decided to break it down into a few bite-sized parts so that you can get the most out of these tools for your business.


By following the list below, and implementing it into your business, your marketing knowledge is sure to increase, and your business reach will expand.


Begin with:


Google My Business


Set up a business profile on Google using Google My Business. This free tool links your business location, website, and telephone number – along with setting up review pages and making allowances for images. It is essentially a business listing service boosted by Google’s navigation and search abilities.




Once your online presence has been established by Google My Business, check out:


Digital Marketing Toolbox by Google 


These tools are designed to help improve your brand’s marketing, web performance, analysis, digital experience, and more.


With too many benefits to individually mention, pop onto the site and check out the various tools, play around with them, and familiarise yourself with their functionality. Once you’re confident in these tools, congratulations, you now have a better understanding of what digital marketing is all about and what it can do for you.




But please note, this is just the tip of the iceberg, please do read on…


If you’re a start-up organisation in desperate need of assistance, then look no further:


Google for Start-ups 


This is a tool to help you thrive regardless of where you are in the world, Google Startup provides the tools for you to create something great. In a world that is run by massive corporates, Google gives the little guy an edge.


This service isn’t limited to just start-ups and can be used no matter your business needs.




Beyond presence and assistance in starting up, marketing is about growth and scale. For this, Google again has a solution:


Google Business Solutions 


A flurry of tools, guides, and tutorials provides business owners and managers with enough information to grow your business. With the amount of information online through this tool alone, a business with dreams of exponential scale can make this a reality without even hiring someone with an MBA.




Of course, phenomenal growth makes it easy for us to give back in some way – and Google even has a tool for that:


Google for non-profits 


If you wish to start or join a non-profit organisation to give back in some way, then Google for non-profits can pave the way.


Google has proven to be truly beneficial for small businesses – and if we look at the bigger picture, no company comes close to offering a product suite as effective as Google itself.




We can safely state that when Google attempts to enter a space, they will conquer it – we just must make sure that we are along for the ride.


In the posts to come, we will look at more tools to improve your business, from the inside out. We will look at your analytics, your ad words, your keywords, and even your content. The list may seem endless – but we assure you, your business will thank you for taking this time.



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