Important Dates for Your Social Media Calendar

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As marketers, we often rely on important dates for social media content calendars to not only schedule our posts but to keep track of the more important dates in the year.

Time flies, blink once and it’s Halloween, blink again and it’s Christmas.

Of course, as marketers, we know that some professionals in the field have that knack to make any day seem exciting. They could slap a label on a random Tuesday, promote a discount of 20%, and call it ‘Terrible Tuesday’. They will then play with your emotions and highlight all the terrible things in the world leading you right back to their site simply to secure a purchase in the form of retail therapy.

Some of us, though, have better morals than that, and while you may not wish to succumb to the dark side of marketing, you can still market products and services in line with the feel-good days, pay tribute to the larger causes, and most certainly, sleep in good conscience knowing that you did not prey upon people’s fears, regrets, and despair.



And no quarter in the year is as happy, as celebratory, or as chock full of marketing opportunities as the last one. The months of October, November, and December are, without a doubt, a marketer’s playground.

The jingle of bells is synonymous with Christmas and is an important one across the globe. In US markets, the Thanksgiving turkey is now a stuffing of legend, however, closer to home, we celebrate the ‘Harvest Moon’. It may be too late to worry about that now, and therefore it is just an example for context. When it comes to marketing, knowing what to celebrate is as important as knowing when to celebrate it.

Without further ado, let’s jump right into the most important dates for your social media calendar that a seasoned (or beginner) marketer must consider.


Six dates for your social media calendar 


1. Halloween




Give a man a mask and he will show you his true self, or so the saying goes. However, why give that man a mask when you can sell one to him, instead?

The end of October is special, indeed. We usually end the month letting loose in varying degrees of costume, décor, and parties. And whilst Halloween has its own hallowed history, a good marketer is one who understands the need for people to socialise. October has many causes behind the month, beginning with an international day for older people, to the global support of breast cancer awareness. Locally, it is, as mentioned earlier, a time for harvest and financial wellness.

Understanding the degree of responsibility attached to the month, the celebration of Halloween provides a much-needed break.

Pen the 31st of October as a key focus date and plan for it.


2. Breast Cancer Awareness




A great cause is a reason for going on when all odds are against you. The rallying cry of hope and support can take mankind from a dark age into one of enlightenment. In October, though, no cause can hold a candle to the importance of breast cancer awareness. No single day is noted for the cause, and it spans across the month. So pink out your palette, donate, align, and support the cause and sleep peacefully knowing that the dark side of marketing is being held at bay.

Fortunately, for Breast Cancer Awareness month, you can’t be too late to show support – if there are still days in October to do so. Align your profit yields with charitable causes, give as much, if not more, than you receive, and finally, read up on the cause here.


3. Black Friday




Any marketer worth their content calendar would have already highlighted, planned for, and aligned some sort of strategy for this date in their social media calendar. If not, well, we have three key rules on ensuring that your Black Friday campaign is a success. 

The 26th of November is one of the most important dates on your social media calendar. Companies and people alike go mad in preparation on the days leading up to that auspicious Friday. Auspicious to marketers, that is. To avoid insanity, plan, and plan well, way in advance!


4. Cyber Monday




One cannot mention Black Friday without sparing a thought for Cyber Monday. Even if you aren’t in the tech or cyber space, some marketers punt discounts on lightbulbs simply to capitalise on the day. You too, can find some technological side to the most random products, or services, and offer discounts accordingly.

Cyber Monday is on the 29th of November this year.


5. Christmas




We will not insult you by putting up the date for Christmas. Nor will we enter our usual tirades of excitement in speaking about the importance of this date for your social media calendar. You know Christmas is important, and you know why. Let’s move on.


6. New Year’s Day




We are pushing it here, as technically, New Year’s Day does fall into the first quarter of next year – all those semantics. Preparing for it, though, is a Q4 demand, requiring you to plan for and list this date in your social media content calendar.

Unless, of course, you will be working on the day, you should schedule any content you wish to post, plan your marketing activities long before time, and end your year with a bang. As a marketer, or even business owner, we know how hard you work. It is why you’re here, reading about such topics right to the end.

So, here is the most important date for your social media calendar – a day of self-care, self-appreciation, and self-rejuvenation. Take a day out of the last quarter to do what you enjoy and what you love – within the legal boundaries of the law, of course.

Unwind, reflect, and refresh – you’ve got this!


If you need any help, though, we are here. Simply pop us a message, and we will take your Q4 marketing burdens off your hands.


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