As the adage goes, a company is only as good as its employees. Luckily for us, we have a diverse range of talented humans who love their careers and want to see our clients succeed. So, when we had the chance to sit down with one, we jumped at the opportunity! Introducing our virtual assistant spotlight – Kiara Weston.

A self-confessed cat-obsessed admin-nerd with a knack for data capturing and colour coordination. In this interview, she speaks about her journey to become a virtual assistant, her biggest challenge as a VA, and the top three things she would grab if her house caught fire.


Take a look.


1. What led you to working as a VA for Outsourcery?


“We had been in lock-down for a few months and I really wanted to find something I could do from home. I’ve always been an admin-nerd so started looking into becoming a virtual assistant. A friend and ex-colleague of mine sent me the link to the website. When I saw the holistic approach Outsourcery had I knew I would love it. It’s great to find a company that aligns with your values.”


2. What do you love about your role as a virtual assistant?


“Nothing satisfies my OCD like organising someone else’s expense account or data capturing into a perfectly colour coordinated spreadsheet. But I also love the people aspect. Whether it’s a pod huddle, chinwag or client meeting we get to interact regularly.”  




3. Which industries have you worked in?


“My first real job was in the manufacturing industry. I then tried out au-pairing for a few months. In 2016 I started working for a commercial property developer where I was exposed to a whole range of industries including construction, accounting, HR and property management.”


4. Tell us about your favourite online tools?


Zoom is my absolute favourite for video conferencing. I use it every day, some days for 3 hours at a time (just don’t forget to mute yourself when you’re shouting at your cat to get off the kitchen counter). I also use Zoho CRM regularly to keep track of my sales leads. It’s a simple tool to keep your contacts organised and to set tasks with deadlines to stick to.”


5. How would you describe the team culture at Outsourcery?


“We’re always working to make each other’s lives easier. We can rely on each other for tips, tricks, and shortcuts. And we really have a great support system. Whenever we need some advice or even just a listening ear our Pod Leaders are there to help us!” 


6. What does work-life balance look like for you?


“Sometimes it looks like a seesaw with a sandbag on one side and a butterfly on the other! Diary management is key though – planning out my day and even setting aside time for non-work activities. Love a long beach walk or coffee date with my bestie to balance out a week of deadlines.”




7. Tell us about an accomplishment you’re most proud of?


“Keeping life simple. Accomplishing many great things is wonderful for some, but living a happy, healthy life is enough for others.” 


8. Your house is on fire. What are the first three things you grab?


“Axl – my cat

Lexi – my other cat

My car keys (to drive away quickly because I probably left the stove on and started that fire)”




9. What’s the biggest challenge that you’ve overcome as a VA?


“Plucking up the courage to tell a client it’s not working out. Especially when you’re a chronic people-pleaser. My anxiety had anxiety!”


10. What is a quote or motto that you live by?


“If you think you’re too small to make a difference, try sleeping with a mosquito!”


As you can see, we select only the best. And with employees like Kiara, we have helped busy entrepreneurs improve their productivity and create a better work-life balance. That is why we are fast becoming the UK’s number one provider of high-quality virtual assistants.


If you’re looking for a perfectly matched virtual assistant to save you time, get in touch with us. 


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