5 Ways To Show Your Customers Some Love

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With the month of love in full swing, it’s time to take a moment to think about how you can show your customers some love. Showing your clients and customers, your greatest supporters, that you appreciate them has major perks. Not only are you making them feel special, but you’re also creating a relationship with them, one that could result in additional purchases and continued support for your business.

We recently took to social media to share our thoughts on how you can make your Valentine’s Day marketing that much more special by showing your customers some love.

Thank you notes

Including a thank you note with anything customers order from you is an excellent way to show them some love and appreciation. Better yet, a personalised or hand-written note can elevate the relationship you have with your customers. It doesn’t take much time to do and can really make people receiving your products feel special. It’s also likely to prompt them to continue doing business with you.




Your personalised note could include:

  • Why you loved creating the products they’ve ordered
  • What you especially enjoy about what they’ve ordered
  • Thanking them for supporting your business
  • A coupon code for their next purchase
  • Free shipping on their next purchase
  • Instructions or tips for using what they’ve ordered.

Personalised thank you notes are a great way to prompt user-generated content (UGC) as you can encourage your customers to take a photo using the product they’ve ordered by including your social media handles in the note.

Reward your loyal customers

If you’ve successfully encouraged a customer to do business with you more than once, you’ve got a great opportunity to reward them for their loyalty. If someone specifically chooses to support your business continuously, you could give them free shipping for life, or a personalised coupon code that they can share with their friends. You could even collaborate with other brands and include vouchers for their products and services in your customer’s next purchase.




Showing your customers that you value them for always choosing your business over others is an excellent way to make them feel like they’ve made the right decision supporting you. It may even prompt them to become advocates for your business, spreading word-of-mouth recommendations for you.

Donate to causes that matter to them

Instead of spending money on holiday-related gifts for your customers, find out what values are close to their hearts and make a donation in their name to a charity organisation that aligns with their favourite cause.




This not only shows that care about your customers, but also that you care about your community and those around you who need a little help.

Of course, you want to make donations because you are kind, and you care. However, in doing so you’re encouraging customers to continue supporting you because you do good for others.

Share valuable content

Content marketing is a great way to promote your brand and extract value. But, before you use your content marketing to sell, you should use it to provide value.




You can show your customers that you really care by setting up a campaign that sends valuable content to them after they’ve made a purchase with you. This content can include:

  • Tips and tricks for using what they’ve purchased
  • Information about how the product was made or sourced
  • How they can contact you if they have any questions or queries
  • Information on other products or services that could help maximise what they’ve already bought
  • Free eBooks and other downloadable content that could improve their experience with your brand
  • How and where customers can find discounts and sales relating to your business.

Personalise your product or service

One 2022 marketing trend that you can’t ignore is personalisation. Beyond hand-written thank you notes, consumers are starting to expect to receive content that is personalised to them. They are even willing to part with their personal details if it means receiving offers curated specifically for them.

In a post-cookie world, businesses can’t afford to miss opportunities to gather personal data from their clients. This information helps you better tailor your product as you have sophisticated data to base your advertising efforts on.




You can show your customers some love by ensuring your email marketing campaigns are set up to greet them by their first name, serve them content that relates to their specific interests or a prior purchase, or provide them with a custom product based on what you know about them.

When you do things to show your customers that you love and appreciate them, you’re not just making them smile, you’re also creating a relationship with them. One that could result in more sales or increased client retention. If you need help making your marketing more personal or creating content that shows your customers you appreciate them, contact us and let’s start spreading the love.

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