10 things your virtual assistant can help you with besides business admin

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Having a virtual assistant (VA) is like having another version of yourself to tackle tasks that you don’t have time to do. A common misperception, though, is that virtual assistants can only help with business-related admin tasks. But the great news is that this is simply not the case. Aside from diary management, data entry, and bookkeeping, virtual assistants can help with just about any task.

Not only does hiring a virtual assistant save you time and money, but it is also a massive productivity boost. You’re hiring someone to take care of the things you don’t have the capacity to do yourself or that you find tedious so that you can focus on the things that matter.

Here are 10 things VAs can help with other than business admin.

#1: Preparing training manuals 

Are you planning on hiring new talent? You’ll want to onboard them effectively so that they can do the best possible job and feel comfortable in their new role. Your virtual assistant can develop training manuals or employee handbooks for your new team members. Of course, they will need some input and guidance from you as to what to include in the document, but they can handle most of the work themselves.

#2: Marketing support

From marketing research to copywriting and even search engine optimisation (SEO), many virtual assistants are trained in marketing activities. They can support your marketing functions and become an extension of your marketing department.

#3: Social media management

It’s fair to say that social media is now deeply engrained into our daily lives. For this reason, your business can’t afford not to have a social media presence. Your VA can help you produce content for and manage your social media platforms.

#4: Podcasting 

Another powerful way to establish a brand as an expert in your industry is to host a podcast. Some virtual assistants have experience in recording, editing, and uploading podcasts, so all you have to do is host them, the nitty gritty is handled for you. They can also contact industry experts to have you as a guest on their podcasts or webinars.

#5: Recruitment

From writing job descriptions, posting job ads online, and vetting CVs, your virtual assistant can play a key role in your recruitment process. They can also screen candidates, schedule interviews, and conduct background checks.

#6: Travel arrangements

If you’re travelling for business, your virtual assistant can book your flights and accommodation. This is quite a standard task for many VAs. However, they can also help organise family holidays too. From flights to hotels and activities to shopping, your virtual assistant can plan an entire getaway for you.

#7: Transcription

Whether you need a meeting recording transcribed into minutes or subtitles for a marketing video, your virtual assistant can transcribe just about anything for you.

#8: Slideshows and reports

If all you have is raw data and need it presented beautifully in a slideshow, your virtual assistant can help. From designing impactful graphs for your PowerPoint deck to researching important information for your report, your virtual assistant can also help you pull it off.

#9: Flowers and thank you notes

Sending employees and their families flowers or gift baskets when times are tough are great ways to show that you care. And sending personalised thank you notes to your clients or customers is an effective marketing tactic that can create more business for you in the future. Your virtual assistant can help with tasks that require a personal touch.

#10: Web maintenance 

If you have an e-commerce store or a website that requires regular updating, a virtual assistant is the perfect person to handle this for you. Whether it’s uploading blog posts or updating pricing, many virtual assistants are excellent at managing websites.

The best part about working with an Outsourcery virtual assistant is that they’re backed by a team of specialists who you can get access to when you need them. Need help with email marketing? We have a team of email marketing specialists on hand to assist. Need a new website? We’ve got you covered. Contact us via our website to get matched with a virtual assistant who can help you with more than just business admin.

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