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n the early stages of your business, doing it all on your own may be the only way, despite hours and hours of hard work. Your main objective at this stage is to get up and running, and set a solid foundation for whatever is to come. Or perhaps you’re in the early stages of building your dream team.

Either way, you’ll find that these tools will be a boon for you and your business; that’s why we love them.


Trello can best be described as a “bare-bones” project management tool. It is unbelievably simple to navigate and organise, yet enhances collaboration, allows you to keep track of tasks, and even automates tedious tasks.

It’s a good idea to try it by figuring out how to use Trello effectively for personal task management before introducing the tool to your business and teams. If you’re familiar with the Kanban workflow management system, it’s easy to see the inspiration for this platform. The word “kanban” derives from the Japanese for “card you can see”. So, there is a big emphasis on visualising here.


Perhaps one of the more robust project management tools out there, Asana, packs a punch for both individuals and teams. While many project management tools are free to individuals and teams just starting out, Asana offers the most features, even on its free plan.

It boasts well-thought-out workflow templates for different types of teams, for example, marketing, engineering, event planning, design, and IT, to name just a few. You’ll be amazed at the big difference simply having a clear overview of your workflows and projects can have on your everyday work life. How to use Asana effectively, though, rests with you and your team. Simply signing up for the service doesn’t mean all the work is done.

You’ve undoubtedly stumbled upon the ads at some point when you were browsing the Internet. Its big media budgets match its ability to deliver the goods when it comes to online project management software. There are various methods for how to use as a project management tool, which can be tailored according to your needs and preferences.

Like Trello, it also uses the Kanban method and view, but unlike Trello, it offers various other ways to work and view. This has proven to be one of its strong points, as they cater to a wider variety of needs. It also boasts a CRM system within the platform.

The platform itself offers a wealth of resources for how to use effectively.

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