Most companies assume that if they have a company page on LinkedIn, their social platform marketing is done and dusted, but that is not the case. Creating a profile is only the beginning of what this professional platform can do. Read on to find out how you can build on your marketing strategy with this social media platform.

Level up your company page

A company page works similarly to your personal page on LinkedIn. Your business name and logo appear near the top, along with a Follow button. Underneath, in your About section, you share more about your company and a link to your website.

Keep your About section focused on the problems you solve and the benefits you provide. Keep in mind that Google indexes the first 156 characters of your description. Make your LinkedIn company page SEO-friendly and easy to find by starting with the essential things. This also makes it easier to see through LinkedIn search.

From here, you will be able to engage with your connections on LinkedIn pages by posting updates and responding to messages. You can also engage with your employees through LinkedIn by resharing their content and vice versa.

Paid advertising or organic content

There are two main options for LinkedIn when it comes to marketing. You can use paid advertising, or create original content. Paid advertising obviously requires a budget, while creating content requires time.

LinkedIn Ads

Another effective LinkedIn Marketing tool is LinkedIn ads. This is where you can curate your startup content based on your objective. LinkedIn Ads offers multiple types of ads that fit any campaign. For example, you can produce sponsored content on LinkedIn feeds for users set as the target audience. 

On top of that, you can also execute Text and Dynamic Ads that can be customised to set up your Startup for marketing success.

Organic content

Regarding post creation, you’ve got two main routes available. First, you can syndicate a post from your existing blog and re-post it on LinkedIn or write a new post that answers a question or solves a problem that your ideal LinkedIn connection is struggling with.

You must write consistent content for your audience and share it within the community. Try to be authentic and genuine. People are looking for advice and tips to grow their careers or businesses. You need to understand the objective of the social media platform.


Three content categories to try

To get you going on creating some posts and content, consider the following topic types:

Industry insights

This includes relevant insights into your industry. Share relevant news and give your opinion about it. Ask your followers whether they agree with you or if not and ask them to share their point of view.


Give your followers a chance to find out more about your team. Share what is happening and your experience before and after success stories. Everything else might be interesting to your followers. This gives a human touch and helps your followers and potential customers connect more easily.


Share book recommendations you recently read, business novels useful for business owners and entrepreneurs, or even related podcasts. You can also ask your followers for their thoughts or recommendations they have for you. This will also help you establish a leadership voice because people will find your page helpful and boost your Startup’s credibility.

Need Help? Hire a VMA to help optimise for oou


Suppose you need more time to follow these steps to optimise your company’s LinkedIn page. Why not hire a virtual marketing assistant (VMA) to do it for you? Find a highly skilled VMA that knows precisely how to optimise your company’s LinkedIn page to create brand awareness and boost interest in your company online. They can also create engaging, reaction-worthy content that can consistently be posted to your LinkedIn company page to encourage engagement and networking.

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