Customer service for a growing Ecommerce company


TechGear Hub, a fast-growing e-commerce platform based in Manchester, specialises in innovative tech gadgets and accessories. Since its inception in 2020, TechGear Hub has experienced rapid growth and needed efficient customer service management to handle increasing customer inquiries and support requests.

The challenge

With a surge in order volumes and customer queries, TechGear Hub struggled to provide timely and effective customer support. The company needed a solution that could scale with its growth and ensure high customer satisfaction.

The solution

Outsourcery's virtual business assistant was introduced to streamline TechGear Hub's customer service operations. The assistant handled queries, processed returns, and provided technical support, allowing the company to maintain its focus on core business activities.

How we got started

The onboarding process included training the virtual assistant on TechGear Hub's products and policies, followed by the implementation of customer service protocols to ensure consistency and efficiency.

The outcome

TechGear Hub reported a 40% reduction in response times and a 30% increase in customer satisfaction within three months. The streamlined support process enabled the company to handle a 50% increase in order volume without compromising service quality.

Our client's thoughts

"Outsourcery's virtual assistant seamlessly integrated into our customer service operations. The efficiency and professionalism brought by the assistant were instrumental in managing our growth," said Jack Thompson, CEO of TechGear Hub.

Key takeaways

Effective customer service management through Outsourcery's business assistant led to improved customer satisfaction, scalability, and operational efficiency for TechGear Hub.

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