MedCare social media transformation


MedCare Medical Centre, a healthcare provider in Manchester, offers a range of medical services. They needed effective social media management to connect with patients and healthcare professionals and promote their services.

The challenge

MedCare Medical Centre’s social media channels lacked consistent engagement and strategic content. They struggled to maintain a regular posting schedule and effectively communicate their services to their audience.

The solution

Outsourcery assigned a social media manager to MedCare Medical Centre, who developed a content calendar and curated engaging posts. The strategy included informative content, patient success stories, and interactive campaigns to enhance engagement.

How we got started

The social media manager conducted audience research and competitive analysis to tailor the content strategy to MedCare Medical Centre’s demographics. Regular posts, live Q&A sessions, and community engagement tactics were initiated to foster a vibrant online presence.

The outcome

MedCare Medical Centre experienced a 60% increase in social media followers and a 50% boost in engagement within four months. The enhanced social media strategy also led to a 30% increase in appointment bookings from social channels.

Our client's thoughts

“Outsourcery’s social media management significantly improved our engagement and helped us connect more effectively with our patients,” said Emma Wilson, Marketing Director of MedCare Medical Centre.

Key takeaways

Outsourcery’s strategic social media management led to higher follower engagement, increased appointment bookings, and a stronger online presence for MedCare Medical Centre.

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