NutriFit's email evolution


NutriFit, a health and nutrition company based in Leeds, sought to enhance their email marketing strategy to better engage with their customers and drive sales for their online store.

The challenge

NutriFit's email campaigns suffered from low open rates and click-through rates. They lacked personalisation and segmentation, resulting in ineffective communication with their audience.

The solution

Outsourcery deployed an email marketing specialist to revamp NutriFit’s email strategy. The specialist implemented segmentation, personalised content, and automated workflows to improve engagement and conversion rates.

How we got started

The specialist analysed NutriFit's email list and segmented it based on customer behaviour and preferences. Personalised content and automated email sequences were developed to deliver targeted messages that resonated with each segment.

The outcome

NutriFit saw a 35% increase in open rates and a 40% rise in click-through rates within four months. Their email-driven revenue grew by 25%, demonstrating the effectiveness of the enhanced email marketing strategy.

Our client's thoughts

“Outsourcery’s email marketing expertise significantly improved our engagement metrics and contributed to higher sales,” said Amanda Reed, COO of NutriFit.

Key takeaways

Enhanced segmentation and personalisation in email marketing by Outsourcery led to improved engagement and increased revenue for NutriFit.

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