Estate Link

Maximised ROI with paid media


Estate Link, a London-based property firm, specialises in residential and commercial real estate services. To drive more inquiries, they needed to enhance their online visibility through effective paid media campaigns.

The challenge

Estate Link struggled to achieve satisfactory ROI from their paid media efforts. Their campaigns were not optimised, resulting in high costs and low conversion rates. They needed a solution to make their advertising more efficient and impactful.

The solution

Outsourcery assigned a paid media specialist to optimise Estate Link's PPC campaigns. The specialist implemented A/B testing, refined targeting, and optimised ad copy to improve performance and reduce costs.

How we got started

The specialist reviewed Estate Link’s existing campaigns and identified areas for improvement. New campaigns were launched with targeted keywords, compelling ad copy, and precise audience targeting to enhance effectiveness.

The outcome

Estate Link achieved a 40% reduction in cost per click (CPC) and a 50% increase in conversion rates within three months. Their overall ROI from paid media improved by 60%, making their advertising efforts more cost-efficient.

Our client's thoughts

“Outsourcery’s expertise in paid media transformed our ad performance and significantly improved our ROI,” said Tom Harris, Managing Director of Estate Link.

Key takeaways

Outsourcery’s paid media management resulted in lower CPC, higher conversion rates, and a substantial improvement in ROI for Estate Link.

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