Cultivating Success – Storm’s Edge Therapy’s Journey with Outsourcery


Storm’s Edge Therapy, founded in October 2016 by Clinical Psychologist Kael, offers a unique approach to psychological therapy and coaching. This innovative clinic, with its Pluralistic Therapy Model, tailors treatments to meet the diverse needs and expectations of its clients. The clinic has thrived in offering therapy for relationship struggles and mental health support to adults, couples, and families.

The challenge

Storm’s Edge Therapy faced several challenges as it grew. Transitioning from a sole trader to a limited company was a crucial step for financial stability. Simultaneously, the clinic recognised the need to switch accounting software from Freshbooks to Xero. The administrative workload had become a significant obstacle to the team’s core mission. The practice needed to streamline its processes, making it essential to change how tasks such as scheduling and financial records were managed.

The solution

Outsourcery became an integral part of Storm’s Edge Therapy, taking on various responsibilities. This included assisting with the company’s registration as a limited entity and finding the right accountant. VA Lauren played a pivotal role in setting up, integrating, and managing the new accounting software, ensuring a smooth transition. Lauren also took charge of daily tasks, such as debt collection, processing private insurance claims, and scheduling appointments, relieving the clinic’s team of these burdens. She maintains Xero and meticulously reconciles all financial transactions on Stripe, further streamlining the financial workflow, including month-end reporting and the development of a profit & loss report.

Meeting needs

Working with a developing economy to address in a small way historical imbalances was a criterion for Storm’s Edge. Secondly, there was reliability, the trust to hand over a task and then not have to think about it again. Finally, breadth of service (one person/team to meet all requirements rather than juggling multiple moving parts).

How it all came together

The integration of Outsourcery into Storm’s Edge Therapy’s operations was seamless and efficient. Lauren managed the transition from the old accounting software to Xero, making sure all data was accurately transferred. Outsourcery’s systems for staff changes proved effective, ensuring a hassle-free process. Lauren took ownership, allowing the clinic to focus on primary objectives with full confidence that administrative duties were in capable hands.

The results

With Outsourcery on board, Storm’s Edge Therapy successfully navigated the transition from a sole trader to a limited company, resulting in significant per annum savings into the thousands. The client now dedicates more time to critical tasks, such as writing blogs and developing new programmes, rather than routine administrative work. Lauren is crucial in reducing the effort required to onboard new therapists.

The value

Storm’s Edge Therapy values the Outsourcery service for its reliability and proactive approach to getting things done. Lauren efficiently handles day-to-day responsibilities while promptly addressing any issues. The result is a trustworthy and collaborative relationship that allows the clinic to focus on its core work and growth. Outsourcery has become an integral part of the team, with a shared sense of mission and contribution.

Key takeaways

By taking ownership of administrative tasks, Outsourcery has empowered the clinic to direct its energy towards innovation, growth, and providing exceptional mental health support. Storm’s Edge Therapy continues to expand its horizons, thanks to Outsourcery’s support.

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