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Surbon Consulting


Rachel Hughes, Director of Surbon Consulting, works in the public transport sector across the UK and the Middle East, supporting companies with business development and sustainability. In this Q&A, Rachel shares her experiences and insights regarding her long time collaboration with Outsourcery.

Can you give a brief description of your company?

I set up Surbon Consulting in 2013 to provide business development and sustainability support to the public transport sector, and then, in 2017, I set up a branch in the UAE. I help companies submit tenders covering all modes of transport and support them with sustainability strategy and implementation, particularly in the emerging field of social value.

What challenges/problems is Outsourcery solving for you?

My main challenge was the time-consuming nature of repetitive tasks. These included managing my expenses, reformatting documents to meet specific requirements, and conducting research.

What were you looking for in a solution?

I needed reliable and consistent support from someone who could manage all the different tasks.

What made our solution stand out over others that you researched?

I am an avid reader of the Times and saw an article in 2015 describing the set-up of Outsourcery. It was a very flexible solution that I wanted to try. I didn’t require a full-time personal assistant but rather needed assistance on an ad-hoc basis, and that’s precisely what this service provides.

How did your new virtual team member implement/introduce our solution?

My initial VA with Outsourcery handled personal tasks, but when my new VA, Liesel took over, the focus shifted to more formal work-related responsibilities.

How has our solution helped since its implementation?

It’s been really beneficial. I’ve been able to redirect my focus towards essential aspects of my work, including securing new business, meeting critical deadlines, and attending industry events. I’ve also had the time to work on business development.

Has this solution saved your company money and/or increased productivity?

Yes, very much so. This arrangement has led to substantial time savings and increased productivity. For example, I no longer have to spend hours researching or meticulously tracking business expenses.

What do you find valuable in the services we provide?

The actual value lies in the convenience and efficiency of the support received. I particularly appreciate the ease of editing documents like PowerPoint presentations that Liesel has reworked, saving me valuable time.

What have you been most impressed with when working with your virtual team member?

What stands out the most is Liesel’s ability to find relevant information and provide timely feedback swiftly. Her commitment to transparent communication has been invaluable even when potential delays might occur.

What surprised you about us?

How easy it has been to work with Outsourcery and my new virtual team member.

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