The Children’s Book Project endeavours to provide books directly to children in need. This case study explores how Outsourcery, with its adaptable and reliable solutions, has played a pivotal role in helping this remarkable charity overcome challenges
and achieve its mission

Can you give a brief description of your company?

The Children’s Book Project is a rapidly growing, volunteer-powered registered charity. We are located in North
Kensington, London and have new regional hubs in Birmingham, Oxford and Leeds. Our mission is to combat book
poverty and to enhance the social, emotional, and educational well-being of children and youngsters in the UK.

We are proud of the impact we are making, and this year, we gifted our one-millionth book. In 2020, we were
awarded the prestigious Queen’s Award for Voluntary Service, and last year accumulated over 12,000 volunteer
hours by local, corporate and young Duke of Edinburgh volunteers.

What were you looking for in a solution?

We needed a solution that provided commitment, warmth, a solution-oriented approach, self-starting abilities,
excellent time management, a task-orientated individual and professionalism with great interpersonal and
system skills.

What made our solution stand out over others that
you researched?

Outsourcery’s solution stood out for several reasons. It offered us the ability to scale hours based on project
demands, ensuring flexibility during term time. The blend of skills, predictable costs, and the absence of
administrative burdens related to directly employed staff were also key factors. The ability to substitute
when necessary and the quality of the individual also provided a significant advantage. Overall, the
flexibility offered by Outsourcery was a crucial element for us.

How did your new virtual team member implement/introduce
our solution?

Tracy was incredible, she integrated so well. We conducted a small induction, introduced key team members,
outlined the vision and strategy, set up briefings, and defined tasks and expectations. Tracy swiftly rose
to every challenge and became an essential part of the team. She was celebrated for her reliability, and
her role’s benefits were evident. We created centralised systems with her assistance, and she helped
with resource coverage, which was hugely beneficial for us.

How has our solution helped since its implementation?

Your solution has introduced numerous efficiencies and added reliability and robustness to our organisation. We
are more responsive to opportunities because we can flexibly manage costs. We have enhanced consistency and
better continuity of service standards, plus Tracy has also facilitated skills transfer to the volunteers.

Has this solution saved your company money and/or increased

While Outsourcery’s solution increased productivity, the cost-effectiveness was not immediately apparent due to the
charity’s nature. However, it saved the organisation’s recruitment, management, training costs, and desk
space expenses.

What do you find valuable in the services we provide?

Tracy is exceptional – she is professional, efficient, committed, flexible and has integrated so brilliantly into
what is really a family here at The Children’s Book Project.

What have you been most impressed with when working
with your virtual team member?

The impressive aspects of Outsourcery include the outstanding quality of service, ease of finance and flexibility, and
Tracy, she’s amazing.

What surprised you about us?

The incredible commitment. Tracy has been with us for almost four years. Outsourcery promised exceptional services
and delivered exactly that.

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