Be A B2C Social Media Ticking Time Bomb

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How do you keep up with and catch market leaders?

Being a small to medium enterprise in today’s business world is a daunting reality, but having the opportunity to use the digital sphere as a point of contact with potential consumers is one that just cannot be passed up. The digital sphere gives smaller companies a wonderful platform to catch bigger competitors off-guard as the quick spread of information on social media is unfathomable.

What do we suggest?

Be a “ticking time bomb”, which is a scenario that encapsulates the potential threat you could be to your competitors. To further explain, we are going to elaborate on some tips and tricks for you to use to blow your competitors out of the water!


Content – Touch, Pause, Engage – Repeat


Ever heard of the phrase “content is king”?

If not, look it up because content has always and always will be the most important part of a company’s marketing efforts.


Think of the digital sphere as a colosseum, where you and other SMEs are the gladiators and your target audience are the ones who decide whether you live or die. Therefore, the key to becoming such a content icon is to know your customer better than you know yourself.
• Who are they?
• What interests them?
• What content do they find worthwhile?
• What challenges and excites them?
The importance of these questions is a result of the ever-changing algorithms of top social media platforms bombarding consumers with more and more irrelevant and unnecessary content.
To sum it up, be innovative, unique and 10 steps ahead of the pack when it comes to your content marketing efforts.

Stay Relevant, Current, and be Human


All negative connotations aside, it’s important to visualize yourself as an explosion waiting to happen in the online world, and a key component of your potential success is to position your brand in the right place.

To do this, your main goals should be as follows:
• Raise brand awareness
• Enter the buying consideration set

These goals should be achieved through supporting your prospects, customers, and fans on all forms of social media in the most human way possible.


The most important platforms being:


Facebook should be used as a platform to achieve the following:
• Rally and build a community.
• Give that community a voice.
• Uplift their opinions.


Twitter is a great platform as it has the following benefits that come with it:
• Conversational.
• Informative.
• Affords you the opportunity to stay in the loop and keep up with trends.
• Allows you the opportunity to generate your own trends.
The use of hashtags can somewhat be compared to the use of gold. If you implement the correct hashtags in your posts, the possibility of your tweets going viral increases at an exponential rate.
The important thing with twitter is that you cannot just be current and relevant, you need to strive to be the origin of what is current and relevant. In other words, you must set the trends.


Instagram is different to both Twitter and Facebook. It is used to give your fans and followers a taste of the human aspect of your product offering. Being the creators, the designers and the team behind it.
This helps with the inspiring and reassurance that customers need about the human factor that they can and are interacting with behind the scenes.


What is linked in?
It is a platform that is mainly used for recruitment – a social space provided for entrepreneurs, current and potential employees to connect on matters of business and occupation.
Using these platforms will involve embodying your brand in such a way that you are in a position to directly interact with your audience as frequently and efficiently as possible.


Strategy and Fuses



The ‘ticking time bomb’ analogy only works to the point where you’ve set up as many fuses across social media platforms as possible.
This strategy is key when you are a small business because generating whispers in many places allows your brand the opportunity to explode everywhere, sending you from zero to hero in no time at all and concreting the fact that Social Media provides you with simple, easy to use tools to establish yourself as an influencer within your industry at an exponential rate.
There is one key thing to remember though: This is the internet.
The potential you have may be infinite, but if you aren’t unique, aiming high and creating awareness in the right places, your brand will blow up in all the negative way.


Now that you know what you should be doing to grow your brand as quickly and effectively as possible – you may need some help doing so.
We have the perfect product offering for you: Our very own Business Growth Plan.
Trust us, you couldn’t ask for me. Get in touch!


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