The Top Social Media Platforms to Use for Wellness Professionals

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“Exercise is king. Nutrition is queen. Put them together, and you’ve got a kingdom.” – Jack Lalanne.

Being a wellness professional, we know that this is part of the message that you are wanting to convey to your clients, current and potential.

To do so, your current and potential clients will need to be aware of 3 very important things:

  • Who you are.
  • What you do.
  • Why you will be a valuable influence in their lives.

How can you achieve this?

You will need to market yourself in a smart way, using the most effective channels possible.

To help you, we have compiled a list of the top social media platforms that you can use to showcase why individuals should be choosing you:




Facebook, which is said to have over 1.59 billion users and compromises of a larger blend of demographics than any other social media platform, is arguably the best medium for you to connect with your chosen target market.

Its advertising platform is one of the cheapest and allows for better targeting than most other advertising platforms on the internet.

Furthermore, the tracking options that are available to advertisers on Facebook encourage re-targeting, which gives you the opportunity to optimise your adverts and roll them out to users who you know are interested in what you are offering.




Instagram is a photo and video sharing social media channel, and as a wellness professional, this can most certainly be effectively utilised.


There are a few ways you can do this:

  • Post beautiful, eye-catching images with quotes that motivate people.
  • Use hashtags that are relevant to your offering.
  • Effective leveraging of other profiles in the industry or your clients.
  • Publish short videos describing certain aspects of your offering or tips that you have.

What’s more, according to [TechCrunch], Instagram has over 700 million active monthly users.

How could you not take advantage of these opportunities? It would be like shooting dead fish in a barrel.





Twitter, which is a micro-blogging platform, isn’t as saturated with photo and video content like Facebook and Instagram. However, it’s value lies in the ability of your Tweets to go “viral” [according to the Huffington Post].

Twitter is a great platform when someone is looking for short and informative bits of information, which can be leveraged to great effect if you are using hashtags that are trending and relevant to your content.

Using trending hashtags is the secret to your posts going viral and your company out there. This is because users spend a lot of their time on Twitter reading through tweets that are using a trending hashtag they are interested in.

To sum this up, more retweets and likes leads to more profile visits and follows.




If you didn’t know, YouTube is the second largest search engine, receiving more than 1 billion unique visitors every month [according to The Guardian]. Since it’s a video-based platform, it offers you the perfect opportunity to spend some time in front of the camera doing the following:

  • Explaining your product offering.
  • Sharing relevant tips.
  • Improving your online credibility.
  • Creating brand awareness.

Why use videos instead of blogs?

As interesting and informative that blogs can be, online users would much rather watch a video that explains a concept than read a blog that explains the same concept.

How do we know this?

This year, video content represents 74% of all internet traffic [according to Blog Hubspot].

Furthermore, YouTube is owned by Google, which helps with your SEO efforts.

Why? YouTube videos are more likely to appear in the search section of Google than other websites.



Now that you have insights into which platforms you should be using to grow your influence in the market, you may need help managing your marketing efforts to fully utilise the online opportunities.

To assist you, we have a full team of marketing experts that are ready to take over your digital marketing activities, allowing you to focus on other important facets of your business.

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