6 Reasons to Outsource your Digital Marketing

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Any company, big or small, should outsource their digital advertising and marketing needs. It makes sense, and we’ll give you 6 reasons why.

An advertising or marketing agency is best placed to design and execute a digital marketing campaign. This includes conceptual work/strategy design, graphic design, media buying and implementation.

Why then do small businesses often attempt to do their own digital marketing in-house? And why should they rather outsource digital marketing? First, let’s look at what defines digital marketing:

What is digital marketing?

First things first, what do we mean by digital marketing? Put simply, digital marketing is the marketing of any product or service using a digital medium (websites, blogs, online stores, social media, etc.).

Smart Insights talks about the ‘5Ds of digital marketing’, which is a useful way of exploring the different examples of digital marketing:

Examples of digital marketing

  1. Digital devices – smartphones, tablets, desktop computers, TVs and gaming devices
  2. Digital/social media platforms – Google (and other search engines), YouTube, Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc.
  3. Digital media – paid advertising (on both search engines and social media platforms), email and newsletter campaigns
  4. Digital data – the insights and information businesses collect about their target audiences (e.g. online searches, likes and engagements)
  5. Digital technology – the marketing technology that businesses use to reach, engage and interact with their target audiences. These include websites, online stores, and mobile applications (apps)

Successful digital marketing is strategic, clever and often disruptive. Technology-driven, it is a specialised field, which can be both cost-effective and powerful.

However, many small businesses choose to do their own digital marketing (e.g. website, email marketing, and social media) rather than outsource it to a digital agency.

Here are just six reasons you should never do that (unless you’re an experienced digital marketer) and instead outsource digital marketing:

1.  Time

Digital marketing takes time. Social media alone requires regular page updates, real-time responsiveness (to questions and comments) and quick action (troubleshooting) when things go wrong.

But time is one thing that small businesses simply don’t have. Business owners need to concentrate on the day-to-day running of their business, including cash flow, accounts, and client and supplier relationships.

Website updates, social media posts and email campaigns take a huge chunk of time and often fall by the wayside.

By outsourcing your digital marketing needs, you will ensure they receive the attention required – while saving yourself time and frustration.

2.  Team

The ‘5Ds’ listed above reflect just how varied, technical and specialised digital marketing is. It is not a simple discipline.

Small businesses often opt for an in-house marketing manager to look after all their marketing needs. But rather than one marketing employee on your permanent payroll, outsourcing your digital needs gives you access to an entire digital marketing team, including:

  • An account manager with a deep understanding of the digital world
  • A website developer with SEO (search engine optimisation) experience to keep your site updated and optimised at all times
  • A graphic designer (website, logos, ads and more)
  • A video specialist (creating share-worthy Facebook videos or Instagram stories)
  • A social media manager or community manager to look after your pages, including content creation or curation and engagements
  • A digital ad specialist who understands SEO and Google analytics

In fact, a team of virtual marketing assistants will be able to help you with pretty much anything, including research, copywriting, blogging, design and strategy development.

3.  Technology

Not only will you get access to a team of experts, but by outsourcing your digital marketing needs, you will also have access to the latest technology.

New programmes and applications are expensive (licensing fees alone will make your eyes water), but a digital marketing agency will provide you with a team of experts with the latest technology at their fingertips.

4.  Speed

They’re also super quick. A good digital agency will implement your marketing strategy quickly and effectively, responding to comments and queries, monitoring competitor activity and ensuring that you are always ahead of the game.

5.  Support

A digital marketing agency can provide you with ongoing digital support and advice – and this alone is priceless.

The members in a virtual team are experts in their field; they know what works and what doesn’t. They can offer strategic direction, and valuable insight but are also on hand to help.

This includes website updates, IT support, troubleshooting and more. No matter the need, they are simply a phone call away.

6.  Strategy

But Perhaps most importantly, a digital marketing agency like PrimePixels will sit down with you on a monthly basis in order to refine your marketing and customer acquisition strategy.

PrimePixels will track all your activity (and that of your competitors), analysing your ROI (return on investment) and providing you with a solid foundation for decision-making.

Monthly reports on KPIs such as website traffic, leads, email, open rates, conversion rates as well as ongoing progress in the search engine rankings (including Google and Bing) are a given – as is a personalised strategy focused on your business’s bottom line.

The PrimePixels digital marketing team will grow your business online. So confident are we in our approach, and our ability to meet deadlines, hit targets and exceed expectations (at half the price of other agencies) that we offer a unique brand promise guarantee – one which promises to deliver, or we’ll do the work for free.

We’ll also ensure you get final approval of all online content or activity, comprehensive monthly reports (covering spend, activity, and impact), as well as the opportunity to work with the most committed, passionate (and nicest) bunch of people you could ever hope to work with.

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