5 Reasons Why Digital Marketing Is Crucial for Small Businesses

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If you’ve ever used Google to look for a pizza place that delivers, you’ve experienced the power of digital marketing.

No business, no matter how small, can afford to overlook the might of the online marketplace. Its already vast, and it gets bigger every day.

Your customers are already out there. They are online. Whether they’re surfing the net, Googling pizza or watching series on a streaming service, your customers are already engaged in the digital space. It’s time to get to know them.

Small business digital marketing means meeting them out there and talking to them in on a platform they are already comfortable with.

A simple idea like registering your business on local online directories and Google maps is a start. People don’t get in their cars and drive around looking for products and services any more.

They look for information online and then either mail or phone for more details. This is where small business digital marketing begins, but it shouldn’t end there.

Here are 5 great reasons we think digital marketing is absolutely crucial for your business.

1.    Everyone’s doing it

There is absolutely no doubt that your competitors are already online. They may simply be listed with Google, in which case it’s easy to compete. However, they may have a big head start, and already have a sophisticated social media campaign in place.

You really cannot afford to be left behind. The further you fall behind in the race to migrate your small business marketing into the digital space, the harder it will be to catch up.

2.    Global reach

These days, even the most modest business can have a global footprint. If you are online, you are potentially reaching anyone in the world who might be searching for your product or service.

This opens up a market beyond national borders that you can service through improved communication services, online banking, and international couriers. Ignoring the possibilities of this is hard for any ambitious entrepreneur.

3.    Matching expectations

Once they have made an initial enquiry, customers these days are doing their research. They reach out through social media and blogs to gather more information on your brand and services.

Basically, customers expect to find you online. They expect you to have a website and a social media presence. Not only are people looking for information from you, but they are also looking for reviews or impressions of your brand so they can decide whether to trust you and engage.

Is your small business legitimate if it’s not online? Small business digital marketing is about earning that legitimacy.

4.    Start a conversation

Since time immemorial, one of the cornerstones of any sales pitch has been to start a conversation with customers. The digital space creates opportunities to speak to customers where they are relaxed and comfortable.

People looking for products, services and information in your market segment are naturally curious about what you have to offer. If you can fulfil their need for informed and informative content, you can start that conversation.

Once the ice is broken, the door is open to offer products or services. There’s also no need to engage with customers one by one in face-to-face encounters. Hundreds, even thousands of customers, can engage with your content simultaneously.

5.    Cost-effective marketing

A huge bonus in favour of small business digital marketing is the cost profile relative to traditional marketing methods. If you’ve been in business for a while, you will know the costs of printing leaflets versus the ROI they bring.

Considering the investment required to run large sales forces or book print advertising, the returns can be diminishingly small. If you can engage and interested audience of 500 or so customers through a simple Social Media campaign, it will be far more cost-effective than the shotgun effect of a pricey print ad.

Digital also comes with a range of built-in tools that allow you to track and assess the efficacy of campaigns in real-time. So you can continuously tweak and retarget your content in the ongoing conversation with customers. This means you can realise ongoing value from a minimal investment in online presence.

If those 5 reasons for leaping into digital marketing for your business are not enough, we have more.  PrimePixels is the trusted digital partner to help you navigate your exploration of this brave new world.

Google is the shop window of the world. There is absolutely no way you can compete in the contemporary global business environment without an online presence. You need to get in the game.

Speak to one of our consultants today about building a digital shop window for your business. Let us help you start a meaningful conversation with your customers and convert interest into sales. Frankly, you can no longer afford not to have a digital presence.

They say time waits for no one, and in the digital world, that is doubly true. The internet never sleeps. You could be trading right now, hitting targets inconceivable in a 9 to 5 bricks-and-mortar business. It’s time to call us and take your dreams online.

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