Interview with Kira Begunova, co-founder of FinTecH company London Analytics

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We interviewed Kira Begunova, co-founder of ‘London Analytics’. London Analytics is a FinTech company which specialises in using AI and data science to enhance the performance of financial institutions.


    1.Please give us some background on yourself and on your business


“I have seventeen years of experience within the oil and gas industry. I was mainly involved in technical leadership and management roles. I then decided to do a leadership masters program at the London Business School. 


Whilst in the process of completing my masters, I met someone who I decided to partner with in order to build a company. We founded London Analytics which is a FinTech company. We help financial institutions unlock the power of data science and AI technology to grow and boost performance.”


    2. A bit about a project you are working on at the moment


“We are working on four product lines and currently gaging demand for each line. Most of our attention is currently focused on Alpha Cloud, which is an AI trading platform. Alpha Cloud essentially harnesses the use of AI investment strategies which are available online. We are investigating using this technology to help fund managers, banks, traders etc. with boosting their investment portfolios and clients performance.”


    3. What made you choose a virtual marketing assistant over a freelancer


“We originally thought of using a freelancer and researched both options. We came to the conclusion that if you use a freelancer you get a good price for the hours but usually, the individual has little experience. We found PrimePixels as it is well positioned on Google and has excellent reviews. We were further encouraged by a clear well structured website, as well as clarity in terms of packaging and process. It was very easy to approach them and the process was understandable and accessible from start to finish.” 


    4. What kind of tasks does your virtual marketing assistant handle? Could you give 3 Examples?


“Mainly digital marketing and brand promotion. We are starting from scratch, so we need to become visible to the right clients, work on that visibility and also raise general brand awareness. PrimePixels has helped us with finding the right language and message, as well as delivering that to clients in an appealing way. They have also helped us create the brand’s visual design.”


    5. What challenges do you and your business face, and how does a VMA help with this


“In the context of the present moment, an issue is that we can only communicate online. We are working on finding the right tone to attract clients, create engagement, and calls to action. We are focusing on trying to understand what our champion product is and where to direct our main focus. We are also focusing on finding the right channels and ensuring we get the right message across to specific groups of businesses. 


    6. What are the most helpful tools for communication and collaboration tools with your VMA


“Email, Whatsapp and Zoom” 


    7. What advice would you give to someone thinking about hiring a VMA


“To think of it as an investment with excellent value for money. Make sure you’re always on the same page as your VMA, as it is a very close collaboration.”


“We have been very happy with the assistants who have been assigned to us. They are not only very good at being open and listening, but also coming up with good ideas. They really understand the fundamentals and origins of our business and because of this they are invaluable in terms of helping to push it forward and in the right direction.”


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