Virtual Marketing Team Spotlight: Meet Alex, Tania & Chloe 

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Your small business is starting to pick up and all of a sudden you find yourself juggling countless tasks and trying to be in multiple places at once. When you have so much on the go, it’s easy for some important aspects of your business to slip through the cracks unintentionally. It’s time to explore the prospects of hiring an online marketing agency! In this blog, we will take you through the day in the life of a virtual marketing team, in their own words. After all, three brains are better than one! 

 Hiring a virtual team from an online marketing agency is far more beneficial than having an in-house team for countless reasons. 

  1. It’s friendlier on your pocket

    Forget about having to provide that ergonomic chair for every staff member or that fancy coffee machine, fresh beans included! By hiring a virtual team, you can cut unnecessary costs without compromising on quality. Online tools, such as  Zoom, make it easy for weekly marketing meetings without the team having to be physically present. Not only will this cut down on fuel costs, but it will take away the frustration of spending wasted, precious time in traffic. 

  2. You’re not limited 

    By hiring an online marketing agency, you’re not limited to geographic location. This means you get to tap into a large pool of skills all around the world allowing you to find the perfect fit for your brand. 

  3.  Your time is your own

     Goodbye being restricted and hello flexibility! By having a fully virtual team, your employees can work at a time that suits them without being confined to normal 9-5 working hours. Not only will this increase productivity, but it also increases employee happiness and quality of work. Be sure that deadlines are set and communicated within the team so that even though the time that the work is being produced is flexible, the team is still aware when it needs to be completed by.

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Now that you can see the advantages of hiring an online marketing agency, let’s meet some of the team and see what they had to say about their life as a digital marketer. 


First up we have Alex, a Social Media Account Manager and Paid Ads Specialist. 




Alex is a 27-year-old who has been in the marketing industry for about 6 years. She’s had the privilege of working with a wide range of businesses in many industries. Her experience is in PR, Traditional Marketing and Digital Marketing. 


 Next, we have Tania, an Account Manager on our team! 




Tania is a self-proclaimed crazy cat lady who is obsessed with spicy food and lazing in the sun. 


 Last up we have Chloe, an Account Manager and Digital Strategist at PrimePixels. 




 Chloe is a Digital Marketer with a passion for creativity and constant learning. When she’s not building funnels and websites, you’ll find her climbing up mountains or on her longboard surfing. 


 The three of them recently worked together on an account for our client, Under5Fit. Between them, they created successful paid ads, managed the clients account aligning with the needs and deliverables as well as built, incorporated and executed a lead generation sales funnel into their digital marketing strategy.  


 We asked them a few questions about the day in the life of a virtual digital marketing team and this is what they had to say.  


 1. What does a typical day look like for you? 


 A: I have a few mindful practices that I do before my day starts. I try and log on before any of my colleagues or clients do so I have some time to get ahead before all the correspondence starts. From there, I’m working 6-8 hours on various clients projects from a paid ads support role. This means coordinating with clients, the account managers and strategist.  

 T: On my good days (ha-ha) I wake up quite early, do a gym class, enjoy a protein smoothie as I write my morning pages (go read ‘The Artist’s Way’ and you will understand). I am usually online at around 8 am and try to finish by 5 pm, however, it can be a challenge to stop working sometimes. I also try to take at least 20 minutes to go sit on my balcony at around lunchtime. 

C: I wake up, get out in nature then hit my desk for the rest of the day. 



2. What do you enjoy the most about working within a full remote virtual marketing team?


A: I am more productive when I’m In my own space alone, compared to when I’m in the office working personally with a team.  

T: I love that I can work from anywhere and when it suits me. The flexibility is fantastic! As I am typing this, I am in a small coastal town for the festive season and it’s still business as usual – but with a view!  

C: It’s great to bounce ideas off of others, draw on their diverse backgrounds, and ask them to check your work. There is a wide range of specialist and account managers all with a unique set of skills and talents to learn from and work with. It’s lovely to learn about each person and see what each one brings to the table. What a lovely bunch! 


3. What motivates you to collaborate with others?


A: Teamwork makes the dream work. We all have our own strengths and skills, so when we collaborate together and combine those skills, we are able to deliver great quality work. 

T: I love learning from others and to see things from their perspective. You never stop learning! 

C: Combining different perspectives leads to improvement and invention. Teamwork (hopefully) sets a good example so that others will also collaborate. Mostly, working well with others is enjoyable and rewarding! 


4. What is essential for productive teamwork?


A: Constant communication and realistic deadlines, as well as everyone giving credit to one another for the work completed as it motivates the team. 

T: Communication and trust. Both can be tricky! 

C: Ideas – When a team works well together, others feel more comfortable offering suggestions and ideas. Confidence and creative freedom – All team members should feel free to think creatively – to try new things and fail without the fear of consequences. 


5. How do you overcome the challenges of working within a virtual marketing team?


A: Reflective thinking on what the challenges are, why they are there and then finding solutions. Trying out the solutions till you find one that can best support overcoming the challenges. Also, letting others know where you are struggling so that if they have overcome the same challenge, they can give advice based on experience. 

T: I think sometimes just jumping on a video call helps. Feels like you are still interacting with other people. 

C: By working on being more open and transparent about everything ( my work and clients) that’s happening in the company. Try to maintain a schedule and structure throughout the day. Schedule a chat via video on teams to clarify and ensure deliverables are being met – sometimes direct messages or emails get lost or forgotten about. 


6. What do you enjoy most about digital marketing?


A: It’s an affordable and measurable method of marketing that provides the opportunity to reach more people whilst giving businesses laser-focused control over where and how they spend their money.  

T: The fact that it is constantly evolving is very exciting and I love the creative side of it. 

C: Storytelling – I love to creatively align products, processes, and people to tell a desired story. Digital Marketing is a job where every day is different from the next. This industry requires passion and a desire to succeed and it is a career with excellent long-term prospects. 


7. What do think the next trend in digital marketing is?


A: Artificial intelligence 

T: Social media is becoming more sales-driven, like the new checkout feature being implemented to Instagram. You will do more things within these platforms so that you don’t exit to visit other sites. 

C: Voice search and video search. And more interactive website content. 


8. What are the most important skills and qualities for a digital marketer?


A: Being a self-starter, resilience, creative thinking, ability to overcome challenges and always staying on top of trends. 

T: You have to be brave at times and learn as you go. You also have to be adaptable as every day is different with its own set of challenges and victories! 

C: 1- Lifelong learning is an absolute must-have quality for anybody interested in digital marketing. 2- Ability to analyse data and draw insights 3- The desire to help grow other businesses 4- Strategic and analytical thinking 5- Being able to see things from someone else’s point of view

9. How do you achieve work/life balance? 


A: Starting the day early and ending late to ensure I have enough time to achieve the tasks for the day and be able to still have time for my well-being. 

T: It can be a real challenge! When you are online and available at all times and on all devices, it can really get to you. I am yet to strike that perfect balance but I try to shut my laptop and put it out of sight when my work is done for the day. 

 C: I set aside time in the morning and in the evening to get out even if it’s just for half an hour. I try my very hardest not to work at night ( although I am writing this after 9 pm! ) and if a task can wait until the next day, I’ll leave it! 

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