How to Use Leverage to Achieve Maximum Results

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What do jiujitsu and running a business have in common? We know it’s a strange question but hear us out. The most important concept in jiujitsu is leverage. Leverage is what lets you throw an opponent, sometimes twice your side, to the ground with little effort. Leverage is all about minimum input and maximum output.

So, what is leverage and how can you use it within your business to achieve results? By optimising your company and your actions, you’re able to outperform yourself. Look out for the key drivers of exponential business growth and leverage your marketing, business plan, human capital, business model, and products or services.


Leverage your marketing


Having an all-encompassing marketing strategy is one of the simplest ways to implement the concept of leverage in your business. Your strategy forms your foundation and informs all your marketing activities. With the right strategy in place, you can use the same amount of marketing time and budget to make a larger impact. If you don’t have time to put together a marketing plan that best utilises leverage, or if strategy is not your strong point, hire a virtual marketing assistant to create and implement a marketing strategy for you.




Leverage your business plan


If you’ve done any research ahead of starting your business, you’ve probably heard about how important it is to have a solid business plan. Your business plan is your road map towards the future and can become one of the most powerful resources you can leverage for maximum results. Think of your business plan as a fluid tool that can get you from point A to point B. To truly leverage your business plan, ensure that you include clear and realistic goals and that you outline possible challenges and how you will address them. A cleverly leveraged business plan is one that is flexible and can adapt as things change.




Leverage your team


Your business is only as strong as your human capital, i.e., your team. Your team is a powerful driver of success within your business if leveraged correctly. Leveraging the relationship you have with your team and your network is crucial to achieving maximum results. Invest in your human capital through training, resources, and support and by making sure your employees they have everything they need to be as productive and effective as possible in their role. Work to foster a company culture that values working relationships. Investing in your team is an investment in the future financial success of your company.




Leverage your business model


Other than having a results-focused business plan, another aspect of your business that can be leveraged towards success is your business model. Your business model should be able to adapt and grow according to the market you’re operating in. If you continuously evaluate and tweak your business model to reflect an integrated approach to engaging your market, you will have the leverage you need to stay relevant in your market and reap the financial rewards.




Leverage your products and services


We’ve spoken about how important it is to have a business plan and business model that are flexible. Another area where flexibility is vital is in your product offering or your services. As the market and its demands ebb and flow, so should what you have to offer. Leverage the market by constantly working on improving your products and services to suit the wants or needs of your customers.




Leverage your assets


There are also areas of your life that you can leverage to achieve maximum results if you think about what drives success in your own life.






Time is limited. No amount of advice from a life coach or motivational speaker is going to give you more hours in a day. Using leverage in the instance of time management means creating strategies for how your time is spent. Delegating your tasks to competent staff on your team or by hiring virtual employees is an excellent way to leverage your time.


Your network


Leveraged effectively, the professional circles that you move in could get you and your business ahead of the curve. You can leverage your network to get face time with the decision-makers in the markets that are most relevant to your business. The connections you make in the business world are critical to your success.




You can leverage education to achieve maximum results within your business. Taking regular short courses and attending seminars can put you at the forefront of your industry. Even though you may have formal education behind your name, learning new skills and gaining new insight is an opportunity for leverage.


Your talent and skills


As mentioned above, committing to constantly adding and building new skills is an excellent way to leverage your education. Leverage your talent by continuing to invest in yourself. Demonstrating a willingness to learn and having a growth mindset is vital to achieving results.


Just like applying breaking pressure to a limb in jiujitsu, leverage helps you amplify your effort in the form of output, with minimum effort. The best way to maximise results using leverage is to first determine what you have on hand that can drive the best output, with the least input. Things like having a fluid marketing strategy in place or having an adaptable business model are perfect examples of minimum effort required for massive output.


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