Did you know that some of the top businesses in the world use virtual assistants in the daily running of their business?

A virtual assistant can perform just about any task, from bookkeeping to doing your personal online shopping. Additionally, hiring a virtual assistant is significantly cheaper than hiring a permanent on-site employee.

For these reasons, it’s no wonder that companies all over the world are opting to hire virtual assistants and remote employees over in-house staff. Want to know what companies use virtual assistants? Keep reading.


One of the world’s leading software companies, with over 181,000 employees, hires virtual assistants.

You can imagine how just about every aspect of Microsoft’s business would benefit from a virtual assistant. From administration and business tasks to executive assistant responsibilities.

It takes a lot to make a company as large as Microsoft run effectively. Choosing to hire virtual assistants is certainly one of the reasons this business is so effective.


With over 1.6 million employees worldwide, Amazon was one of the very first companies to hire virtual staff.

Being the largest online retailer in the world, we’re quite sure that any virtual assistant would provide value to the company.

If you have an online eCommerce business, a virtual assistant can help with everything from invoicing, to customer service, and even updating your website.


Professional services brand of firms, PricewaterhouseCoopers (PWC) includes one of the Big Four accounting firms alongside Deloitte, EY, and KPMG.

With almost 300,000 employees globally, PWC is growing on a massive scale.

Like many other large companies, PWC hires virtual assistants regularly. In fact, if you were to check a job board today, you’d probably find a listing for a virtual assistant at the company.

When it comes to accounting firms, virtual assistants can assist with many aspects of your company’s finances, including bookkeeping, processing transactions, invoicing, and handling payables and receivables.

UnitedHealth Group

The UnitedHealth Group (UHG) is a diverse healthcare company made up of two businesses, including United Healthcare and Optum. United Healthcare provides benefits and insurance coverage, and Optum provides technology and information-enabled health services.

Recent job listings for the company include senior virtual administrative assistant and virtual clinical administrative coordinator.

Virtual assistants can provide value both to benefits providers and healthcare services. From taking inbound calls to managing your client services, a virtual or executive assistant can help companies run seamlessly.

Apple Inc

Known for being the creators of the famous iPhone and iPod, Apple Inc is one of the largest and best-performing companies in the world. Apple has over 154,000 employees spanning all seven continents. Hiring virtual assistants is not a new practice for Apple.

As you can imagine, the company would have many executives on board, which is where an executive assistant can truly add value.

Executive assistants can handle everything from diary management and scheduling to managing your email inbox.

Now that you know what companies use virtual assistants worldwide, it’s time for you to take the next step and hire a virtual assistant of your own. Our virtual assistants are the cream of the crop, with only 1% of applicants being successful hires. Visit our website to start working with a virtual assistant.

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