If you’re still wondering whether virtual assistants are worth it, you should start by weighing up just how busy you are, how much you value your free time, and to what extent you’re willing to delegate tasks. The truth is, you can’t really put a price on peace of mind, which ultimately is what a really great virtual assistant will give you. 

With one of the most stringent recruitment and selection processes in the virtual assistant industry, we can confidently say that hiring a virtual assistant is worth it. Outsourcery offers world-class virtual assistance at rates that are accessible for busy, budding entrepreneurs and small business owners.

But what makes a virtual assistant worth it?

They’re 100% remote

The beauty of bringing a virtual assistant on board is that they remain just that – virtual. So when you enlist the services of a VA, you benefit from all the perks of having an in-house employee, with none of the time suck that the recruitment process is known for. 

This also means you have zero operating costs, as virtual assistants come standard with their own hardware, software, and the little things that, like office supplies, for example. Outsourcery virtual assistants further enjoy full IT support for the work they do for you.

They free up your time

So much of the work of entrepreneurs gets drowned out by the tedious, mundane tasks that need to get done in order to keep the business afloat. Chances are, you feel like you can do these tasks in your sleep, yet they take up so much time. Delegating these tasks to a virtual assistant will free up some much-needed time for you, and in doing so, open up opportunities for innovation and growth. Your time as the leader of your business is too valuable to be wasted on rote tasks. 

While we’re on this point, we’d like to remind you of the importance of free time. It’s often during these idle moments when the best ideas strike. We’re also firm believers that the more you’re able to maintain a healthy work-life balance, the better your chances of succeeding at both. Let a VA allow you to experience that.

They give you peace of mind

Do you ever lay awake at night worrying about getting important tasks done and wondering if the details have been handled in the right way? 

Having a VA assist you with your business’ day-to-day tasks means you always have another person who has oversight of your organisation. What’s more, you can be assured that work is getting done even when you’re not the one doing it. 

Outsourcery is proud to offer experienced virtual assistants who are part of a culture and support team that is focused on employee retention, motivation and wellbeing. From the experience of our clients, this shows in the work they do. Try one for yourself for free to see just how worth it a virtual assistant is.

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