What is a virtual marketing assistant?

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If you’ve invested any time into building a marketing strategy for your small business, you’ll know that its execution will require a significant amount of time in order for it to be a success. You’ll know that even if you had the time (a scarce commodity in the life of an entrepreneur), some of the marketing tactics you need calls for the expertise of a professional. Sure, you could DIY just like you’ve been doing with the rest of your business, but oh, wait, that thing about time! 

Enter: a virtual marketing assistant. A virtual marketing assistant is a professional who is skilled at tactics to market businesses online. Being virtual, they operate entirely remotely, fulfilling marketing tasks for your business from anywhere in the world, within time frames determined by you and your business’s needs.

The range of things they can do is quite broad, but below are a few of the key things you’d find most valuable.

Social Media Management

Many 21st-century SMEs have social media to thank for their success. It provided an opportunity for greater reach than ever before, and for customers to engage with you directly. But as a business grows, social media seems to be one of the things that may fall by the wayside.

It is a full-blown job that includes writing, curating, graphic design, photography, community management, and liaising with teams across the company, which can be quite time-consuming. Virtual marketing assistants are a boon when it comes to social media management, and you will find that once this task is delegated, it’s like your social media is simply taking care of itself.

Website Admin

Too many times across the Internet, we see company websites that were created and then simply forgotten about, with no visible updates in months, even years. The website is the face of your business online, so it’s important that it is regularly updated to reflect updates that are happening offline.

Again, website admin is something that demands time, but for a seasoned virtual marketing assistant, these tasks could be done in a fraction of the time. And you can trust it’ll be done well. There is also the added benefit of a VMA having background knowledge and know-how for trouble shooting, important updates, and changes to technology, which you may not be very clued up about.

Email Marketing

Did you know that 64% of small businesses rely on email to reach consumers? Indeed, it has proven to be a really effective method of communicating with customers and enhancing sales. However, it’s a task that asks for expertise with regards to building, maintaining and managing lists. On top of that, compelling, attention-grabbing emails need to be formulated in order to do justice to those small portions of attention you’ve been given. Don’t take that lightly.

These three things give you a good idea of the diversity of skills that exist within a virtual marketing assistant; and there’s still plenty more! It’s easy to see why they’re referred to as unicorns in some parts of the Internet.

Your business can only thrive by enlisting the services of a great virtual marketing assistant.

Outsourcery offers leading virtual marketing assistants, available on packages that are tailored to your business’s needs. What’s more, they come at prices that are within reach for small to medium businesses. Give it a shot and see how it works with a free trial.

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